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While I was all for the bulls trading butler, the deal they made was historically bad. To understand this you first need to understand just how good Butler was last season:

3rd in WS (ahead of Leonard, James, Westbrook, and Curry),

10th in Box plus minus (9th is Curry),

12th in OBPM (1 spot ahead of Durant),

5th in VORP (ahead of curry, Leonard, CP3),

3rd in offensive win shares (only behind thomas and Harden),

11th in offensive rating (ahead of Thomas, Lebron, Leonard, etc.),

13th in PER, (ahead of Curry and John Wall),

3rd in WINS (behind lebron and curry), and

7th in RPM.

2nd in PER in final 5 minutes

It should also be mentioned Butler is only 27, has two years left on his deal, and will be making 19 million next season. To put that in perspective, Allan Crabbe will be making 19 million next season. In other words going into next season Jimmy Butler will be the best deal in basketball.

To further understand the fleecing you have to understand the return. Dunn is 23 and put up a PER of 8 and a TS% of 42%…which is really, really bad. Lavine who is good because he is athletic, is still recovering from a torn ACL, which is the worst injury a basketball player could have and will be a restricted FA next season (and could be potentially more expensive than Butler in 2018–2019 season), while Markennen who can shoot played significantly worse against top competition, seen in his huge drop in production between playing low major vs. power conference competition. Against power conference competition he had an assist to turnover ratio of 1:2. Nice.

What makes this even worse is if the bulls are rebuilding they need young players, and they simply shipped their 16th pick in already an uneven trade to Wolves and then traded a very good pick (especially if you want to hide Markennen’s weaknesses on defense) in Bell for cash. The bulls are flush with cash and cap space, yet sent out a good player on a cheap contract for more money. Bulls fans should be rioting.