“Science has increasingly been questioned due to its ties to large business/corporate interests who…
Adam Fisch

Wow thanks for the link. I had no idea!

But seriously, I am not questioning science but how some organizations are using or portraying science or more specifically how certain organizations are trying to paint non-scientific and problematic studies as scientific or under the guise of science. Increasingly, the general public has seen certain “scientific” studies be exposed as being biased (I provided the example of the NFL stating that concussions weren't a problem, there is also the example of big tobacco using “scientific” studies to prove cigarettes are healthier than they are or the gas industry promoting studies that claim climate change isnt man made). Theses uses of and claims of science are meant to provide legitimacy, yet given these uses by certain organizations people are increasingly starting to question science and experts. So what I am actually trying to say is that people need to understand how science is being used, how it plays into notions of what Foucault calls “regimes of truth,” and why people are now starting to question it and what that means to notions of truth and power. I think how it is being used (in a poor and false manner) is a problem. Is this actual science? Not really, but it is being sold as such and that is a problem.

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