Sure, Harden would be better with the ball in his hands all the time.
Han Gwak

  1. you cant argue or even prove that point. The fact is the Rockets were one of the best teams in the league because Harden had the ball. Him now playing off the ball makes you question whether or not they will continue to be as good of an offense. I highly doubt either of them would like to just spot up in the corner for half the game.
  2. Spacing will still be there, but again you are now putting Harden off the ball in this scenario…which again he is not nearly as good at. These two players share the same strengths, its an odd fit…which I dont know how much it improves them. This kind of strange fit is reminiscent of Davis and Cousins. It could work, but it also forces one of the players into roles they are not necessarily comfortable playing. And honestly, the word is Cp3 is a pretty shitty teammate and is fairly stubborn with wanting to have the ball.
  3. Yes, the contract hasnt been signed yet, but the likelihood of him signing that contract unless a really brutal season or injury are high. If they win 50 games (which they should) do you think the rockets are just going to let him walk? Highly unlikely. So you are going to have to go into this thinking that they are locking Cp3 down for multiple years and for a huge amount. Cp3 has fought repeatedly so superstars like him can get more money, he isnt suddenly going to change his mind about that.
  4. And the rockets shouldnt be risk adverse, but this is just stupid. What is this teams ceiling? Is it that much higher? And what happens if two-three years into this you want to go in a different direction? You wont be able to move that contract, so this really locks Houston into one direction. What this really is is just a win-now ask questions later move. It reminds me of a move the Lakers or Knicks would make. But yeah it could work out for a year or two (meaning they make the western conference finals).
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