Keeping Your Pet Free From Ticks And Fleas With Simple Products

The great debate about what makes a better pet, a dog or a cat never ends. It is not possible to settle the matter definitively. There are those people who prefer dogs over cats and vice versa. There are even those who love them both. The numbers, however, shows that the cats are the most domesticated animals on earth. You might ask why the cat claims this victory from the dog. Any pet lover knows that cats can take care of themselves. They are known to be independent which do not need to be groomed, walked or cuddled now and then. Even if dogs are very social, they need a lot of commitment concerning energy and time. As opposed to the cats, it is not possible for them to survive on their own. They usually rely on their owners for nearly everything. View this useful content!

As a result, these pets are costlier to care for. A lot of expenditure for the dog owner is used on food and visits to the vet. It is higher for the dog than for the cat. Nevertheless, all of them get sick, and the cats as well can get infected with diseases especially those that are let outside the home. Some of the commonest are the fleas and the ticks.

A majority of the owners of the cats at one point have had to deal with infestation of fleas. A great number of individuals see it as a minor thing as it does not threaten the life of the pet. However, remember that the most frequent flea found in America can transmit tapeworm larvae. In case your cat consumes one of these fleas at the time of grooming, she might get infected by them. As they are bloodsuckers, they can as well cause anemia more so in the adolescent ones as well as in the kittens. Additionally, it is possible for a dog to get an aggressive allergy owing to the flea bites. This will cause a lot of scratching together with some skin diseases. Watch this video at for more details about flea treatment.

In the market, the tick and fleas solutions at are the most popular as the problem is very much widespread. A lot of products can be used at home. You can get flea shampoos, sprays, collars and dips. Additionally, there is one known as Revolution for the cats. It is a topical medication which is simple and safe which will protect the pet from ticks and fleas. The good thing is it has to be applied just once every month.