First and foremost, you Internet superhero-types are starting to confuse me.
MC Gusto

Easy there. He said he wasn’t white. and you either refuse to believe him or you didn’t read his reply to you which clarified he was white. Either way, it doesn’t matter to me, but was helpful in my narrative of your use in hyperbole.

You still haven’t still responded to the question of “have you seen the original film or any of the source material”. Based on your continued assumptions of the media, the fan base, and the lack of awareness of comments made by Asian people, the Asian director of the 95 film and the topic at large, I’m going to guess you haven’t, nor have you educated yourself on the history or the premise of Ghost in the Shell.

I’m not here to convince you. I’m here to point out that your take, and the people in general who are outraged at this “whitewashing”, and this piece, which I consider a hot take, are coming at this from an angle that deserves scrutiny. There are plenty of counterpoints to be spun against this narrative, nor do I think this argument advances Asian-American interests in general.

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