Why are you working so hard to act like you don’t know what people are talking about, with regards to the whitewashing techniques Hollywood has utilizing for over 100 years? If you don’t care, that’s a separate issue, but trying to argue it away seems really difficult and unnecessary
Of all the things I wrote, the “Asian heroes and villain” portion is the part that you’ve chosen to…
MC Gusto

For one, it’s rather easy to point out the hyperbole in your post, since you seem to be using that to spin a narrative (including your automatic and incorrect labeling of a dumb man as a white man). As it stands, you still haven’t answered my question.

If you me to respond to this controversy as a whole- I don’t think there is an unreasonable argument to be made here that in this case, white washing is not the case — If this is a cyborg that has a Japanese name but for all intents and purposes is raceless, and where the Japanese name has a possibility of not even being the cyborg’s original name/identity of origin, does it really count as whitewashing?

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