MC Gusto

He directly responded to you in a post clarify that he was not white. I guess you didn’t read it.

At first- I made a comment pointing out that there are Asians in this movie. You made a comment that they aren’t starring. I asked if you watched the movie, because if you didn’t I couldn’t see how you could assign races, identities, and genders to some of the characters. I think we finally have the answers to questions we’ve been asking of each other.

I’m here to point out inaccuracies in the narrative. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but you certainly seem to be defending the people here who agree with the piece and challenging those who point out the flaws in the arguments or narrative. I’m going to call this outrage because people are clearly “upset” enough by this to write about it.

As I’ve stated in previous posts (which you might not have read since this is not in this thread, which is completely understandable), lets celebrate the good that comes out of this movie and the ways that we can use this to advance Asian-American interests.

I’m all about advancing interest of Asian-Americans or minorities. But in this specific case- in this specific movie- with the example cited in this piece- absolutely do nothing to advance interests.

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