This is the common refrain from Cataldi and (Howard) Eskin here in Philly and it’s MORONIC.
Tony Ciavardelli

This is literally from Hinkie’s letter:

“ Specifically, we set out to maximize the odds of acquiring star players using all three available methods of acquiring players (draft, free agency, and trade). 1. Draft: invest in the deepest pool of star players — young players via the NBA Draft. 2. Free Agency: maintain financial flexibility to assume contract liabilities of other teams to acquire picks and prospects and move quickly toward special opportunities in signings/trade. 3. Trade: gather attractive, improving players to (best case) develop to win games for the Sixers, or (worst case) trade for better players or players likely to improve at a faster rate.”

I am more confident then ever that most people fundamentally don’t understand the process. His least favorable method of obtaining superstars was to trade for better players or better prospects. The sixers just traded away 2 high draft picks for 1. He could have done something similar in the Towns draft but he didn’t, and Towns was even more a slam dunk than Fultz. Colangelo is cashing in assets, Hinkie would have built even more by trading down in the draft to pick up more picks.

The Mozgov (trade established player for 21 year old former 2nd overall pick with upside) and the Howard trade (take on salary to move up 10 spots in the draft) are infinitely more process-esque moves than trading 3 and a future 1st for 1.

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