Your State Could Grow Greatly With Cannabis Business, Says Cannabis Lawyer Charles X Gormally

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If states legalize recreational marijuana, the economic impacts are far-reaching, says cannabis lawyer Charles X Gormally, who practices at Brach Eichler in Roseland, New Jersey. In New Jersey, Charles X Gormally said he anticipates marijuana legalization in the near future and believes it could be hugely beneficial for the state.

“The cannabis business has opportunities in real estate and land use regulation, taxation, labor and employment and more,” Charles X Gormally said.

Critics question whether marijuana legalization would have an overall negative or positive impact, but Charles X Gormally is convinced it would be an economic boon to states. In his own state, Gov. Phil Murphy’s budget proposal estimated that $60 million in revenue would be created if marijuana was legalized (however, marijuana was not legalized at that time). …

Cannabis Law Practice, Led by Attorney Charles X Gormally, Thrives in New Jersey

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Attorney Charles X Gormally is leading the cannabis group at Brach Eichler in New Jersey, bringing a wealth of knowledge in the field. Along with John Fanburg, Charles X Gormally is the co-chair of the law firm’s cannabis law group. Other members include Riza I. Dagli, Carol Grelecki, Allen J. Popowitz, Susan R. Rubright, Frances B. Stella, and Matthew M. Collins. This team has experience in health law, real estate, land use, corporate transactions, labor and employment and more.

As a growing number of states legalize and regulate the cannabis marketplace, Charles X Gormally said the law firm felt it was crucial to specialize in this field. The cannabis business development presents challenges and opportunities for state and local governments, banking, taxation, real estate, land use regulation, health care, medical testing, food production, farming, packaging, and tourism. …

Potential Economic Growth Anticipated From Cannabis Legalization, Says Cannabis Attorney Charles X Gormally

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Legalized recreational marijuana would have tremendous economic benefits to states, believes cannabis attorney Charles X Gormally. In his own state of New Jersey, marijuana legalization legislation has not been passed, which is frustrating to Charles X Gormally, who sees the benefits it could bring to New Jersey.

In New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy’s budget proposal for 2020, an estimated $60 million of revenue was created if marijuana was legalized. Charles X Gormally said states can prosper from the cannabis industry in several ways.

First, the industry would create thousands of jobs in the state, according to Charles X Gormally. As with any new business opportunity, construction, agriculture, sales, real estate, and more jobs would become available with this industry. More jobs in any state would encourage people to move to the area, thus boosting the economy, and provide opportunities for those who are unemployed or underemployed. …

Charles Gormally

My 40 year legal career has been centered on confronting and overcoming challenges to clients caused by government regulation.

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