Woorton: Getting ahead in 2019

Charlie Meraud
Feb 12 · 3 min read

Woorton provides liquidity on and off exchanges to a wide range of professional: Crypto Hedge Funds, Family Offices, Payment providers, Retail brokers etc.

For a year, we have been doing voice trading with a MVP that proved us professional investors were looking for players like Woorton to source liquidity in crypto.

Woorton is about to be 1-year old. Before its anniversary, he turned live on a product that fits institutional investors requirements to trade an asset. Here is a little heads up on where do we stand and how we will pursue our development to become a leading liquidity provider in the crypto space.

24/7 API

  • At any time, from pennies to millions, get live quotations via our API
  • Upfront pricing, no fees
  • From 30 trades per second to customized latency
  • Post-trade settlement: trade first, settle after using SEPA or SWIFT wires. No need to pre-fund your trades
  • BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, BCH against EUR or USD via API
  • Any other coins upon request
  • Get your trade history, current balances and exposures via API

Get access

  1. Get onboarded at Woorton. Leave your contact we will get in touch.
  2. Get familiar with our API documentation
  3. Develop your product in our test environment: example for Python users
  4. Go live on our prod environment and benefit from our liquidity


In an ecosystem where the price of the asset represents not only the value of its underlying, but also the access to the related service, liquidity is paramount.

Token issuers lend an inventory of tokens to Woorton to delegate the liquidity management on exchanges.

We have been active on centralized exchanges for 12 months. We are now expanding to decentralized exchanges, starting by being a Reserve Manager on Kyber Network and therefore bridging the gap between centralized & decentralized exchanges.

Joining the Melon Council

Very few projects are delivering on time in the crypto space. Melonport is one of them. The Melon protocol is the first of its kind autonomous system, designed specifically for the purposes of crypto asset management. The Melon Council is the body responsible for looking after the Melon protocol and its users.

Woorton is proud to join the Melon Council to participate to the sustainable development of a protocol dedicated to asset management.

Council Member:

The Melon Council is composed of the Melon Technical Council (MTC) and representatives of Melon Exposed Businesses (MEB). The first seats of the MTC have been assigned by the outgoing Melonport team to:

  • Will Harborne (Director of Operations at Ethfinex)
  • Nick Munoz-McDonald (Former Head of Audit at Solidified)
  • KR1 (represented by Janos Berghorn)
  • Matthew Di Ferrante (Founder ZK Labs)
  • Woorton (represented by Zahreddine Touag)
  • Martin Lundfall (Formal Verification Researcher at Dapphub/MakerDAO)
  • Fabian Gompf (VP Technology Partnerships at Parity)
  • Former Melonport team / Madeeba (represented by Jenna Zenk)

Learn more about the Melon Council !

Who are we ?

Get in touch

Feel free to ping us at contact@woorton.com or by filling in this form !

Charlie Meraud

Written by

CEO of Woorton & Co-Founder of the French Association for Cryptocurrency Management (AFGC)

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