10 and ½Tips for Making the Most of Salesforce World Tour 2018

So, Salesforce World Tour London is just around the corner and naturally, I’ve been discussing meeting up with my network — when I realised that many haven’t attended before! With this in mind, I thought I’d share my experience at this fab event with 10 and ½ (the all-important ½…)tips on how to make the most of your time on the day.

  1. Get clued up and be prepared

Before attending World Tour I would recommend having a rough strategy for what you want out of the event. Once you have the agenda in your hand, focus on what you’ll get the most value out of and what fits with your business goals for the year. There is a lot of content on the day, don’t get caught up in the wonder of the event and end up in a marketing session when you’re in Sales!

Top Tip: there is a Salesforce World Tour App you can download to get all the info you need!

2. Attend the Keynote

Simon’s keynote last year was a great start to the day and really gets you wrapped up in the Salesforce ‘Ohana’ mentality. There’s always a live demo of a Salesforce user case in the keynote. Last year Centrica’s Hive exhibited how they brought Service and Marketing into the realm of IoT in smart homes, which was not only inspiring but also a great showcase of what you can achieve with Salesforce. This year’s keynote is a definite must for me!

3. Wear comfy shoes

Too casual?

As much as you might want to dress to impress, the Excel is a large space and you’ll be on your feet a lot of the time. So my advice would be, don’t go overboard with brand new brogues or heels. Your feet will thank you as you’re running from presentation to presentation!

4. Get on the Customer Success Floor!

If you are a Salesforce user or interested in the CRM platform, you need to visit the Customer Success Expo Floor. This is where you can see Service Implementers and AppExchange Partners show off how they make Salesforce truly valuable to your business. There is something for every business goal on the Expo floor, seek and ye shall find!

5. Breakout sessions

The breakout sessions are a gold-mine for those looking to learn more about real-world uses of Salesforce. From customers sharing stories to specific partners showing off products you would love to implement — there is something for everyone from every industry!

6. Chat your chin off

You are at the largest Salesforce event in the UK & Ireland. That means that almost everyone around you is either using Salesforce, considering buying it or works in the ecosystem. This is your opportunity to share and gain a wealth of Salesforce knowledge. The Salesforce market is vast and having like-minded connections in this area is invaluable!

It’s also a great opportunity to meet up with your network, so share your attendance on your business social media! (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)

7. Give Trailhead a go!

There is always a large area of forest-y goodness which is the Trailhead area. Why not get stuck into a learning session and come away smarter than before? You have the chance to win prizes and more importantly, gain some badges!

8. Get your freebies

Every conference has businesses giving away awesome freebies for a conversation or scanned badge. World Tour is no different so get in there early and make the most of the free pens and goodies, but be aware not to be a goodie troll… no one likes a goodie troll.

9. Don’t drink too much coffee!

World Tour London can be a long day and a longer evening, try not to drink too much coffee or you’ll be flagging by the evening when it’s time to let your hair down!

10. After parties & networking drinks

After a long day of learning its only right that you relax, Salesforce and the Partner Ecosystem have got you covered. Start off your night with networking drinks from Partners such as Natterbox and BrightGen, then move to the after parties from sponsors such as Conga and MakePostive, which usually take place in Leicester Square or on a boat on the River Thames! Just remember who you meet and don’t lose any business cards!

And finally the ½…

Meet Me!

I’ll be at the Salesforce World Tour meeting Service leaders to discuss how our app helps businesses to not only improve customer loyalty and advocacy but also how to prove the financial impact of your Salesforce investments. If you would like to meet me for a coffee and a chat, check my availability on the day .

I hope you’ve found this informative! If I’ve missed anything or you have any questions, please get in touch!

Charlie Norton

Business Development Manager @ In-gage