A list of women and girls killed by men in Aotearoa New Zealand.

This document will probably be added to regularly until men stop killing women and girls.

From left to right top row: Amokoura Daniels-Sanft, Ariana Eva Mahu, Nicole Tuxford. Middle row: Arishma Singh/Chand, Te Awhiahua Toko, Chozyn Koroheke. Bottom row: Amber-Rose Rush, Lynace Parakuka, Aroha Kerehoma.

It’s often hard for me to find the name of the woman or girl or even to see the report of her having been killed by a man, so if you have a reliable news/police source please comment below so I can keep the list as up to date as possible.

I was inspired by Karen Ingala Smith’s ‘Counting Dead Women’ and Jean Hatchet’s work to start this list for NZ.

I’m working on earlier dates so this part of the list is far more incomplete ...