Running for Office: Time for New Leadership

When is it time for a leadership change? In 2016, incumbent members of the U.S. House won 97% of the races and 95% in 2014. Year in and year out — it’s the same people doing the same thing.

Politics has become very polarizing. Working together and sharing ideas is now portrayed as something negative. Compromise and negotiation are seen as being weak. Diversity of ideas is frowned upon. Politicians push for an all-or-nothing approach.

I believe most Americans reject this notion and prefer a balance — one that supports our individuality, but not at the complete expense of the group. They want leaders who will work together and do their best to move the country forward — not just push an extreme view from one side or the other.

I believe Americans want instead a compassionate agenda that is underpinned by efficiency and responsible fiscal stewardship. We share a common belief that the strength of our nation is measured not in our wealth, but in our compassion for people, supporting the overall good of the public and creating an environment where individuals can succeed through their hard work and effort.

My family and I live in Paul Ryan’s district in the town of Pleasant Prairie in the far southeast corner of the state. We see first hand how Ryan’s agenda and policy positions are becoming more and more unaligned with many of us living here. When I talk to people in the community, my neighbors, people across the district, and listen to their challenges — it is very clear there’s a need and desire for new solutions and a fresh perspective in government.

Pleasant Prairie Village Hall

Paul Ryan is a career politician — having been a legislative aide and speechwriter before being elected to office at the age of 28. Ryan only knows Washington D.C. and while he knows it very well — when it comes to dealing with things like emerging technologies, impacts of automation on jobs, challenges of disruption on business growth, understanding insurance, struggles of financial aid debt, and helping people deal with change — I don’t believe Ryan has the experience and skills to successfully lead our nation in a manner we require.

We need leaders who take the time to truly understand their constituents, think differently, have an open mind and keep the American people at the center of everything that they do. I don’t see this today in Washington and definitely not from Paul Ryan.

But beyond just that — when I look at the issues that people keep talking to me about — economic growth, wage growth, health insurance, retirement, education, environment, small business issues, innovating, and building efficiency — these are all areas that require a different set of skills and thinking than what exists in our government today. The challenges that people are facing demand innovative solutions that work and fit in our rapidly changing world.

Across America we need new leadership to set a new course and enact an agenda better suited for the challenges that face us today and in the future. We can no longer be satisfied with the status quo and same old thinking. We need new people to start running for office at every level and bring their energy, enthusiasm and ideas to government. Together — we can bring the change that is required to deliver a compassionate America that is a model for the rest of the world.

For my part — I’ve been working within Paul Ryan’s district towards this kind of change. Running for office is something I’ve greatly considered and plan to run at some level of government in the near future. In the meantime, I’ll continue my efforts at the grassroots level and working towards our vision of a compassionate America.

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