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Ambulnz Provides Reassurance in Difficult Situations

As loved ones, the hope is to provide our family members the greatest quality of care possible. When floor managers at a hospital have a patient in need of transport, depending on triage and level of emergency, they request an Ambulnz vehicle, which is dispatched directly to the hospital for pickup. Then, a Sharelink is immediately sent out via Ambulnz’s technology to the patient, caregiver or family member so they can track the vehicle on a map, similar to Uber. Traditionally, patients could wait hours for a ride to their destination, not knowing if the ride would make it to the hospital on time, and especially in larger cities with busy hospitals, cases varying in severity can fall to the wayside. With Ambulnz, each patient’s care is prioritized with technology-backed efficiency. Ambulnz provides transportation via Ambulance, Ambulette or Sedan, so patients can be transported based on their level of medical necessity.

In 2019, you can track your parcel, your pizza, and your taxi with exact precision, why then can you not do the same when it comes to monitoring the transport of your loved one? Ambulnz meets this need, providing real-time updates directly to any smartphone, allowing worry to be significantly reduced.

For non-emergency calls, Ambulnz works closely with Uber Health, which provides support through the ride-sharing app for patients who require curb-to-curb transport.

Incentivizing Excellence

Becoming an EMT is a challenging career choice. While the work itself is rewarding, the industry has not seen change in quite some time, oftentimes leaving workers with tough schedules and minimal compensation. Typically, EMTs are on the frontline and deal with stressful situations on a daily basis, however, at Ambulnz the company takes a new route by hiring EMTs with the same education and training, and utilizes them for non-emergent transport. This allows EMTs to provide the same expert level of comfort and care to patients who may require transportation to and from dialysis, among other non-emergent medical needs.

While all cities and states have a different set of challenges based on the demographic and physical geography of the area, oftentimes capping industry wages, Ambulnz understands that in order for its EMTs to best service its clientele, employees require better compensation and coverage. Therefore, Ambulnz has a specified set of incentives for each geographical location it services, providing employees with additional compensation on top of their base salary. EMTs are able to create their own schedule, allowing them to take as many rides as they desire.

Creating a Modern Healthcare Company Focused on Employees

Technology changes every aspect of our lives, and will continue to revolutionize the healthcare industry for years to come. While much of the developments that we see in the healthcare profession are focused on developing new medications and pioneering surgical treatments, there has been little change in the way that Emergency Medical Technicians operate and transport patients to and from their destinations for treatment. While technology has continued to advance and evolve over the years, the salary and workflow of medical professionals remains stagnant and unchanged.

Ambulnz is a modern healthcare company that set out to change the status quo, providing medical professionals with the opportunity to increase their salary and create a schedule that works for their lifestyle. Through the use of disruptive technology and AI, Ambulnz provides a business strategy that automates patient information and incentivizes its workforce to exceed and excel, while maintaining the highest level of safety and compliance for their patients. By creating this cycle of productivity, EMTs who work for Ambulnz feel empowered to excel each day and advance themselves both personally and professionally.

Driving Change in Technology

But progress in this industry does not stop at the way that the ambulances are contacted, or even in the motivation of their teams. Ambulnz also focuses on providing the best technology that the industry has to offer. From eco-friendly, low-emission ambulances that are designed with stress-reduction and comfort in mind, through to its in-vehicle equipment.

Specifically, the company provides Bluetooth access for employees to clock in and out of work directly from their vehicles, in addition to utilizing GPS to track all of its vehicle in-route to an individual or medical facility. This technology allows the company to provide exact times to the patient and loved ones, so all parties involved have peace of mind.

A Growing and Sustainable Business

Founded in 2016, Ambulnz is currently operating in six states in the United States and has also expanded to the United Kingdom. The company is set for significant expansion in the coming years and seeks to attract many new and talented EMTs to their ranks.

Ambulnz’s blue logo

Its calming blue logo represents the care that is at the core of Ambulnz’s business model, and looks set to become a trusted symbol for a company that aims to challenge, develop and improve the medical transportation industry as a whole.

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