Disagree or Agree; “Anything” on SZA’s Album Is The Best Song

May I should pray a little harder.

Maybe I should hope that folks have the same ear as me.

Maybe I should play a little harder.

We can all agree that New Jersey’s own SZA put out an album that was worth the wait? We have seen Twitter spats, although they came out to be a joke after much speculation, most of us SZA fans were scared as shit. However, to see that Top Dawg delivered; we saw that all the social media drama was just, shit; to hear this awesome body of work from SZA has has fulfilled my soul and others.

Considering that the focus of the post was speaking on the greatness of her track “Anything,” which speaks to moving on from your exes and any other shitty other men or women, in her case, is very relevant.

For too long women have been marginalized, and have to give their mind, body, and soul into their craft. But let’s be real, hurt from beautiful, excuse me, all, women has created some of the most heartfelt sounds the industry has ever heard. We don’t get Mary J. Blige’s “What The 411,” which one of my fave songs, nor “Real Love,” “Reminisce,” and “ Sweet Thang.” All who are timeless.

Personally, I hate that women have to go through so much pain in order to create such wondrous melodies. That being said, I have my own issues dealing with pain and darkness, yet, that can generate the most graceful pieces of art; not from me personally — who knows — I’m not great like the aforementioned artists; that one would never think they could have cultivated such ethereal soundscapes.

With SZA’s song, it was a wonderful celebration of pain and joy that most and mostly everyone has felt. Combined with the perfect backdrop, this song will forever resonate with me; lyrics and sound.

It’s the perfect record to hating and loving your ex to death while drinking a smoothie and hitting the gym to prove that they fucked up by leaving you.

Are they down for the ride? Are they down to take you anywhere?

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