A way that artists can generate both fans and meaningful revenue is by touring. When bands set out onto the road to play some shows, they go from town to town, playing in new venues, and playing in front of new people. This is a great way to gain new fans. If the band is playing in a small venue, and after the show, they go around the room and talk to everyone, thank them for coming, and get to know their fans; the fans are going to want to come back and see them time and time again. If you can personally connect with fans, and show them that you really appreciate them coming out to the show and supporting the band, they will see that it’s more than just the music to the band. Touring is also an amazing way to make some extra money. Bands can bring merchandise with them on the road and sell t-shirts, posters, etc. This would all be extra revenue that the band didn’t have before. They can sell limited edition things that people would love because they would be some of the only people to have that item. When you sell merchandise it also gives you exposure. Every shirt you sell is a way to get your name out. People buy it, then walk around with your logo or name on the shirt. It’s great advertisement in sense.

The advantages of social media are that you can get so many people to follow your page. It’s a great way to get word out very quickly, and a great way to promote. Social Media is a great place to make big announcements that are happening with the band. If a lot of people follow you or like your page they see everything that you post so it is key that you stay up to date on working with your social media page. It’s better than collecting direct data in my opinion because it’s faster and it’s easier. With social media, you can communicate with your fans directly with the push of a button. The fans love social media, they communicate with their friends and follow their favorite bands, athletes, celebrities, etc. It is a very easy way to stay in touch with everything going on.

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