What goes around definitely comes around!

This is something I totally believe in no matter what

I have been a firm believer of this saying for good 10 years now. I won’t do bad deeds because what I do today will come back to me in future one way or the other.

Doing good deeds come back pleasantly and keeps me worry free. Now some people will disagree but I have experienced it all to say this with full authority.

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Something that makes me a believer

There was this drugs addict guy in our colony who would bully everyone. He bullied me, my siblings and all the other kids around. That continued for nearly 2 years and then we moved to a new locality. Just a few years back I went to the colony to see my old friends (Many of them had moved). So I asked one of my friends about this bully, they said he was arrested 5 years back for supplying drugs.

So, he got what he deserved!

He was disowned by parents, no one from what he considered his best friends cared a damn about him. He was sentenced to life imprisonment. Had he been doing good things like others in the colony, he would have been free living a great life. His deeds made him end up in prison.

As you sow so shall you reap

And, it literally happened for the bully!