Charming Charlie opens another store

Charming Charlie, the rapidly growing women’s contemporary jewellery and accessory retailer, celebrated the launch of its latest store at Mall of Qatar, recently.

The store was officially inaugurated by Charlie Chanaratsopon, Founder & Chief Executive of Charming Charlie. The store is operated by Apparel Group, Charming Charlie’s international licensing partner, which has further growth planned for the brand in the Middle East.

Known for carrying a wide array of accessible fashion accessories merchandised by colour, the Charming Charlie store in Mall of Qatar offers its customers a full range of products including fashion jewellery, handbags, apparel, small leather goods, scarves, watches, sunglasses, a special occasion collection, and more. Charming Charlie offers unrivalled value through high quality style and an accessible price.

Charlie Chanaratsopon

The Peninsula had the chance to gain more insight into the world of Charming Charlie, from the man who started it all, Charlie Chanaratsopon.

After successfully launching the first Charming Charlie store in Qatar last year, you’ve expanded into another location, Mall of Qatar. Why was it important for Charming Charlie to be present in that specific location?

We were very fortunate to have launched our first store in Ezdan Mall in 2016. It was successful in introducing the chain to our customers here in Qatar, and has allowed us to build a relationship with them, and reach a wider segment of women who are fans of Charming Charlie. That success allowed us to expand to another location this year, and I am here today to celebrate the Launch of our biggest store yet in Mall of Qatar.

Mall of Qatar is the biggest Mall here yet and among the most prominent, and it is always in our best interest to expand our reach, and to offer our services to a wider range of clients. Doha is an essential market for our expanding footprint in the Middle East. It’s exciting to bring Charming Charlie’s colourful palette of accessories and playful shopping experience to more women throughout Qatar.

The Qatari market’s demands are ever evolving. What strategies do you implement to make sure these demands are met?

Having launched our first store here in Qatar last year, we’ve come to learn a lot about the Qatari market and its demands. Women of Qatar are like no other in terms of taste and what they appreciate. They are trendy and incredibly fashion-forward, so that forced us to always present them with impeccable products that compliments their taste. Last year was quite the learning experience for us, we’ve grown aware of what works and what doesn’t, so we decided to eliminate the products that the market doesn’t respond well to, and to supply our customers with what they demand. Having our ears to the ground, we now have the ability to expect what the market demands next, and deliver it in a timely fashion.

In celebration of the launch of Charming Charlie’s second store in Qatar, how do you plan on personalising the shopping experience for the Qatari customer?

We have been discussing how to personalise the shopping experience for the Qatari customer, as we know that women of Qatar are all about individuality and what sets them apart, and so we might put out merchandise that is representative of the Qatari identity in the future.

In the midst of this overtly saturated market, how do you plan on staying ahead of the curve, and how do you plan on maintaining a loyal relationship with your large-ranging customer base?

Our team works diligently to always to ensure that our clients get to experience a positive shopping experience at all times, and to provide them with the utmost service, so that they can think fondly of their experience at Charming Charlie. The quality of our products and the speed at which they become available in our stores is our strength. Yes, we do have a large-ranging customer base, but we work hard on pleasing every single demographic target. Shopping and consumer trends have evolved so fast and we’re always trying to be ahead of the trend and to supply the demand of the market, before the market demands it. We have built a strong presence on social media, as it is currently the strongest frontier in connecting with your audience, and we always try to accommodate the market’s ever evolving needs, and trends, without compromising the quality of our products.

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