We Exist

Word coming out of Chechnya is that gay men are being arrested for being gay, and then executed. According to officials there, gay men don’t exist in their country, so how can they be doing this? In short, they want to make sure gay people do not exist.

Mr. Trump(I don’t refer to him by title) has decided he too doesn’t want LGBT people to exist. The Census Bureau will not count us in 2020 as had been planned. LGBT Seniors are being eliminated from a survey which could show how they could benefit from senior citizen programs. Trump has also gone after Transgendered children by stripping them of their dignity in schools with his bathrooms policy. For a man who claimed the “gays” loved him, he sure does nothing to reward that love.

There is a gross misunderstanding out there that I want to clear up, because there are generations under a false understanding. We, LGBT Americans, are NOT protected by the Civil Rights Act, thus we do not have any equal right protections that women, religions, race, creed, or other groups enjoy. Let that sink in a minute. We … do … NOT have those rights.

Various businesses and states offer protections, but that is patchwork at best. LGBT activists, including the HRC gave up on lobbying Congress for equal protection about 20 years ago, and decided to focus on marriage equality.

While I applaud marriage equality, it puts the cart before the horse. You cannot expect people to consider your unions equal if they don’t consider you, as an individual, an equal. Now that we do have marriage rights, the man in the White House is busy trying to figure how to make us second class citizens and minimize and reduce those rights. He would have a more difficult time of it if we were a protected class of people.

We exist. No matter how many attempts by people to make it seem we don’t, we in fact do, and we need to take action. I call on groups like HRC to put down their fancy dinner forks, and self congratulatory dinners to actually fight for our existence. We don’t need awards and fancy dinners. We need to take our rainbow flags into battle and let the world know we are 100% equal — we exist!

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