Currently travelling through Asia documenting how action sports communities are using art and skateboarding as a vehicle for social impact. This particular blog focuses on a conversation I had with the programme director of ABC (Arts By Children), Blaise Joesph, who recently held an art therapy workshop at the Kochi Miziris Biennale Arts Festival, Kerala, India.

It’s a six hour night bus from Pondicherry to Kerala, not a long haul by Indian standards, but a six hour symphony of road horn lullabies nonetheless. Fumbling my way off the bus, I bundled my rucksack into an auto and headed to Fort…

Photo by @pondicherry_lovers

Pondicherry is often described as ‘a sleepy seaside town’ from the dozy laptop-hammock’s of travel bloggers who never left the beach (this could quite easily be me). However a brief excursion down the main drag reveals that ‘Pondy’ like many Indian seaport towns – hums with the usual Dhanda (transactions); blinking vehicles; powerful chutney aromas; and stench of dried fish from the local fry you might expect. Presumably it won its sleepy reputation from its infamous beachfront promenade; a touristic hotspot that induces a dreamlike state overlooking the Bay of Bengal.

An old French settlement town located on the east…

Photo by Darby Shyre: Midigama Beach: March 2019

Perching at a chatt stand with a masala chai is one of the many daily past times that make up Bangalore’s bustling tapestry. The smoky wisdom of the chai blend often makes me nostalgic – as I cast my mind back to the serene shores of Sri Lanka, where only a few weeks before the tragedy of the recent attacks, I’d been surfing and skateboarding around the south coast. As media attention slips away from Sri Lanka, their broken communities remain. …

Charles Darbyshire

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