1. Pseudo-morality: I think that many people dislike vegetarians, and even more, vegans, because they think that vegetarians think of themselves as morally superior to meat-eating people preaching and accusing others of being immoral; vegans are swiftly labelled activists or vigilante.
  2. Inconvenience: They find preparing and accommodating the dietary needs of a vegan friend or family member annoying or inconvenient. The thought of picking places to eat based on the availability of vegan options confounds them.
  3. Fear: They suspect spending time with a vegan might alter their own dietary choices inducing acute fear in them about giving up their favourite food.
  4. Taste: They have strong personal beliefs about enjoying food, and they see being a vegetarian or vegan as a restriction to something beautiful or something that should be enjoyable.
  5. Unhealthy:They think the vegan diet is unhealthy for it being devoid of animal protein dismissing their vegan friends’ ill-informed propaganda.
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