Day 15: Friday Mailbag

Can you talk while you work?

No, if we talk the fish come back to life and smack you in the


What do you talk about?

It varies, recently the Puerto Rican’s have been trying to set me up with girls they somehow meet. I’m not sure where. Yesterday I talked with Nasir a lot about his football career (Nas is going to play for Pitt this year!!!)

How many hours do you sleep per night? 7–10

Do you work 7 days a week?

So far yes

Is it cold?

Not really, about 55–60 everyday.

Do you think you’re getting stronger?

Well, maybe, my hands are definitely. Here’s a photo of Jeff’s hands

Mine are not that crazy. But seriously, nope, I asked my friend Noah who is much more knowledgeable about these matters than me and he said “3–6 lbs could be moved a shit ton but not do a lot, since it doesn’t put really any strain on your muscle since you use, probably in this case, a larger group of muscles.”

Noah also makes really neat shirts check him out:

Is it getting more or less enjoyable?

More, I am making new friends everyday.

If you were going to be a nudist but would wear one piece of clothing, would you choose socks or a hat?

I would wear socks, specifically vibram five-fingers they effortlessly combine function and fashion.

What do you focus on while you work long shifts?

It depends, sometimes nothing. Like two hours will go by, and I will have thought about almost nothing the whole time, it’s a really weird feeling. Other times I focus on picking up fish steadily so I don’t break my wrists.

Do you have internet?

Yes. Dial up. I’m like Mathew Broderick in War Games. Minus Ally Sheedy… just kidding there’s wifi in the break building.


There are girls here. Contrary to what I believed in kindergarten, when you grow up, girls do not go to Jupiter to get more stupider. Most of them are much older though.

What do you think of the zers so far in summer league?

Haven’t had enough time to watch, but I’m pretty impressed. I have no idea who half the players are though, especially when our bench comes on. I got yelled at by a fisherman the other day for changing it from the outdoor channel to the blazers spurs game.


The guy is special. Wish he had a bigger chip on his shoulder.

Who do you think is going to win Wimbledon?

America. Venus and Yosemite Sam.

Early over under on blazer wins this year?

If Nurk is healthy the whole year. I will be disappointed if we don’t win more than 47. If we have the usual injuries typical of a blazers team than 35. This question came to me on Saturday, so I’ve thought about this a lot. But there just aren’t enough wins to go around. The jazz, clips, wolves, nuggets, grizzlies, blazers, and pelicans. Those teams are all in the same tier right now. I feel sad now.

That was a great Mailbag, remember you can submit questions however you want. Thanks guys.

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