Day 19: Thoughts

(I like foot notes so from now on I will start using them, they will be marked with a * so scroll to the bottom for an explanation, ya dig?)

Honestly I’ve been thinking a lot lately. About many a thing, for example, my senior quote;* I would’ve changed it to either a) “it’s easier to love someone than it is to hate them” -Kevin Durant^, or b) “say whatever you want if you gonna stand behind it when its time to squabble” — Vince Staples. Or maybe you thought I had been thinking about the extreme benefits that going to the bathroom has on your productivity? Nope, not that. The thing I have been pondering is why hasn’t another famous musician performed in a prison a la Johnny Cash in Folsom Prison. Seriously, it’s insane. Man, who is the closest male solo artist right now, Ed Sheeran? Could you imagine Ed Sheeran performing on Rikers Island???!!! Seriously, the American prison system is so. 🦆 ed up its insane. There have to have been artists who have at least asked? I have thought about this a lot on the slime line, cause I pretty much live in a Scandinavian prison, and also because I’ve been listening to “Ear Hustle” a podcast produced in San Quentin’s media lab•. Sorry I didn’t really have any Alaskan stuff but I’ve been thinking a lot about this, and on my time

off the last thing I want to think about is work. But I’ll try to do more fish stuff this week!

*you bet your ass I just used a semicolon

^episode 174 of “The Bill Simmons Podcast” w/ Kevin Durant

•TIL San Quentin has a media lab while Lincoln doesn’t.