Day 5: Independence Day

Sorry for the delay, but I’m not Gordon Hayward. Alaska isn’t too bad (Peace tea is cheaper here than in the states!!!) Yesterday, I worked a 14 hour shift, from 9am-11pm. By the end of it my calfs, feet, and back where killing me. The totes, man they just kept coming, I looked over at the wall where the totes where stored and it was empty, but the salmon kept appearing. And these were pinks, which are pretty small, so each tote has a -pardon my French- fuckton. But after the shift was done I was able to enjoy the sunset with some hot cocoa, which didn’t make the shift worth it, but it came really close.

On Monday we went shopping, and I may have bought too much ramen, actually never mind you can never have too much ramen.

Thank god you can have music when you are racking, at the start you can’t hear anything. I wish they would play more of a variety though, in the past 2 days I have heard “despacito” 6 times as well as 4 different versions of “one dance”.Yesterday I was feeling really tired and down during the 2.5 hour shift after lunch, but then the head of personnel, who also happens to be the person in charge of tunes, put on some Kendrick, which perked me right up. Alright that’s all for now folks, gotta go get some lunch. I’ll try to post something later today as well.

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