Chapter 15: CANDICE vs. KINDRA

(On the 4th floor, Josaline walks into the room and begins to look for Candice.)

Josaline: This is impossible. Where could she have gone? There’s only one exit.

(Without Josaline noticing, the room door begins to slowly move. Candice was behind the door and was pushing it carefully to make sure the door did not make a sound. Candice quietly closed the door without being noticed by Josaline. Candice slowly and quietly walked towards Josaline. When Candice got close enough to Josaline, Candice slapped both of Josaline’s ears with both of here hands with extreme force, which temporarily incapacitated Josaline and made her dizzy. Afterwards, Candice leg swept Josaline to the ground. Candice stood up and looked at Josaline while Josaline was still a little dazed from the attack.)

Josaline: W…What happened?

(Josaline started to see clearly and saw Candice standing over her, staring at her.)

Josaline: Candice?!

Candice: Shut up!

(Candice kneeled down and punched Josaline in the face. Josaline fell unconscious.)

Candice: Just be lucky I’m nice enough to let you live.

???: To bad I’m not.

(Candice looked towards where the voice was coming from. Candice saw Kindra by the room’s entrance with an emotionless look on her face.)

Candice: You!

(Candice stood up.)

Kindra: It’s been a while, hasn’t it. I’m sure you remember me, but just in case you don’t, I’ll introduce myself. I’m Kindra. Assistant to Mr. Breao.

Candice: Spare me the details. What do you want?

Kindra: What do I want? I just came back to see how Josaline was doing as far as watching over you. Apparently, she is unable to do her job properly and need to be taught a lesson.

Candice: Looks to me everyone here does not know how to teach anybody anything. I guess you don’t know how to do your job properly.

Kindra: Me not doing my job properly? How ridiculous?

(kindra disappeared. Candice was shocked.)

Candice: Where’d she go?

(Kindra appeared behind Candice, facing towards her.)

Kindra: What makes you think I don’t know how to do my job?

(Candice was surprised to notice that Kindra was behind her without being able to track Kindra’s movements.)

Candice: You BITCH!

(Candice threw a back swing with her fist on Kindra, but Kindra avoided the attack by ducking. Kindra quickly got close and personal to Candice to the point where Kindra’s face was close to Candice’s face.)

Kindra: I think you have me confused with someone else.

(Candice quickly jumped back away from Kindra, but ended up tripping over Josaline’s body. Candice fell to the ground on her back.)

Candice: Owww!

Kindra: And now you’re tripping over bodies. You must have bad coordination.

Candice: SHUT UP!

(Candice quickly stood up.)

Candice: You don’t know anything about me.

Kindra: Does it matter? You’re going to die anyway.

Candice: Oh yeah? What makes you think that?

Kindra: Because I said so.

Candice: You don’t decide whether a person lives or dies. You don’t have that right.

Kindra: I have a question for you, little girl? If you are unable to keep up with my movements, how do you plan on defeating me?

(Candice begins to sweat.)

Candice: I’LL FIND A WAY!

(Candice charged towards Kindra. Suddenly, Kindra disappeared and then reappeared right in front of Candice. Kindra grabbed Candice by the neck and then lifted her up with one hand.)

Kindra: Your answer is invalid.

Candice: (Not this shit again.) Let…go…of…me!

Kindra: With pleasure.

(Kindra released Candice and then quickly kicked Candice in the stomach. Candice flew back and crashed into the wall in the hallway. Candice fell to the ground and unconscious. Kindra walked over to where Candice was at and then stood in front of her, staring at her.)

Kindra: Guess you weren’t much of a challenge after all.

(Suddenly, a bright light started emitting from Candice.)

Kindra: Huh?

(Candice begins to glow brighter.)

Kindra: I see. So you have that within you.

(Candice slowly stood up while still glowing. Kindra took a step back. Candice opened her eyes and her eyes were black with no pupils.)

Kindra: That’s quite interesting.

(Candice swung at Kindra, but Kindra avoided the attack by jumping back away from Candice.)

Kindra: (She’s gotten faster.)

(Candice charged towards Kindra and begins throwing a barrage of punches, but Kindra was easily avoiding each attack. Candice threw a kick at Kindra, but Kindra avoided the kick by doing a backflip. Before Kindra could finish her backflip, Candice grabbed Kindra’s left leg with both of her hands.)

Kindra: What?!

(Candice threw Kindra towards the wall with extreme power behind her throw.)

Kindra: (Her strength increased as well.)

(Kindra regained her balance and landed on the wall with her feet. The wall dracked from the force. She then, jumps off the wall, heading towards Candice. Kindra then disappears. Candice starts looking around the room.)

Kindra’s Voice: You have to do better than that, girl.

(Kindra appeared behind Candice. Kindra threw a kick towards Candice, but avoided the kick by jumping over her leg. Candice attempted to grab Kindra, but Kindra quickly kicked Candice in the face with her other leg. Candice flew and crash into the wall. Before Candice could hit the ground, Kindra quickly appeared in front of Candice and pinned Candice to the wall with her arm. Candice was struggling to break free.)

Kindra: You’re not going anywhere.

(Kindra quickly pulled out a syringe and stuck it into Candice’s neck. Candice started to calm down and relax. Candice’s eyes turned back to normal and she stopped glowing. Candice fell unconscious. Kindra released Candice and Candice fell to the ground.)

Kindra: My calculations about you were wrong.

(Kindra kneeled towards Candice. She then brushed her own hair away from her face. Kindra cellphone begins to ring. She reached into her pocket and then pulled out her cellphone. She answered her cellphone.)

Kindra: Yes? — I apologize, Mr. Breao. I got distracted and had to take care of it immediately. — The distraction has been dealt with, sir. — Yes, sir. On my way.

(Kindra hung up her cellphone and put it in her pocket. She grabs onto Candice’s leg and then stood up.)

Kindra: You’re coming with me, girl. We have something planned for you.

(Kindra begins to walk down the hallway while dragging Candice by her leg. But then, she stopped and looked towards the room that they were in.)

Kindra: Huh?

(Kindra noticed that Josaline was still in the room, on the floor, unconscious.)

Kindra: I forgot about you.

(Kindra dropped Candice’s leg and then walked over to where Josaline was at.)

Kindra: I’ll take you with me as well.

(Kindra grabbed Josaline by the hair and then walked out of the room, dragging Josaline. Kindra then, grabs Candice’s leg once more and begins to walk down the hallway, dragging both Candice and Josaline. While Kindra was dragging the two down the hallway, someone was further down the hallway, in the shadows, spying on Kindra. Kindra pass the person without noticing their presence. Afterwards, the person spying on Kindra begins following her.)

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