Chapter 25/Final chapter: BEGINNING OF END

(Josaline, Cindy and Logan are passed out. Charlie has his hands over his left eye socket and is rolling around on the ground while in pain from getting his left eye ripped out of his eye socket. Frank was decapitated by Kindra and his body is on the roof while his head was sent flying off of the roof. Mr. Breao is sitting inside the machine waiting for the conclusion of the fight between Candice and Kindra. Candice opened her eyes. Kindra was shocked at the fact that Candice’s pupils were blue.)

Kindra: Why are your eyes blue?

(Candice did not respond. She stared at Kindra with a look that seemed like she was empty inside. Kindra got angry.)

Kindra: Don’t look at me like that, dammit! ANSWER ME!

(Candice did not repond.)

Kindra: Fine. If you’re not going to answer me willingly…

(Kindra disappeared and the appeared above Candice.)


(As Kindra was falling from above, heading towards Candice, she threw a puch towards Candice. Candice avoided Kindra’s punch by moving slightly to the side. Kindra punched the roof and made a small hole where her punch hit. Kindra was surprised at the fact that Candice dodged her attack with ease.)

Kindra: (That was supposed to hit her. How did I miss? Is she faster than I am now?)

(Kindra looked up at Candice and saw Candice staring at her. Kindra got nervous and begins to sweat a little. Kindra attempted to move, but Candice quickly kicked Kindra in the stomach.)

Kindra: Ooooof!

(Kindra went into the air, about the say height as Candice and then Candice grabbed Kindra by one of her arms and legs and snapped them in half.)


(Candice released Kindra and Kindra fell to the ground. With one of her arms and legs broken, Kindra could only manage to sit up. Kindra looked at her limbs.)

Kindra: My arm. My leg.

(Kindra looked at Candice while Candice is staring at her.)


(Candice did not respond. Kindra became even more mad.)

Kindra: I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you! I’LL KILL YOU!

(Candice slapped Kindra on the face. Kindra’s head turned in the direction where Candice slapped her. Kindra was shocked at this and her eyes were opened wide. Kindra quickly turned her head towards Candice.)

Kindra: YOU BITCH! How dare you…

(Kindra noticed that Candice had her eyes closed while there were tears going down her face.)

Kindra: (She’s…crying?)

(Candice stopped glowing and fell to the floor, unconscious.)

Kindra: Did she just pass out?!

(Kindra was about to get up, but she had forgotten that her limbs were broken. Kindra begins to smile.)

Kindra: Damn! I can’t stand up because of you. You really did a number on me. But you were still unable to kill me.

(Someone put their hands around Kindra’s head.)

Kindra: Who is this? Let go of me.

Logan: She might not be able too, but I sure can.

Kindra: Logan!

Logan: Surprise, Kindra. My voice will be the last thing you hear, other than your neck snapping.

Kindra: WHAT?!

(Logan snapped Kindra’s neck, killing Kindra. Logan released Kindra’s head and her body fell to the floor. Logan looked over at Charlie and saw that Charlie was not moving. Logan looked towards Mr. Breao’s direction and saw him in the machine, holding Charlie’s left eye.)

Logan: Prick.

(Logan begins to walk towards Mr. Breoa.)

Mr. Breao: It seems as though you killed Kindra.

Logan: Yep. AND YOU’RE NEXT!

(Logan begins to walk faster.)

Mr. Breao: We will see.

(Mr. Breao pushed a button inside the machine and a small cubby opened. Mr. Breao put Charlie’s eye inside the cubby. Afterwards, the cubby closed. Logan starts to run towards Mr. Breao while screaming. Once the cubby closed, the machine closed itself while Mr. Breao was inside it. Logan got to the machine and tried to claw his way through the machine with his blades, but his blades were not even making a dent to the machine. Mr. Breao begins to laugh.)

Mr. Breao: It’s useless, Logan. You can not break through my machine. I don’t know what kind of material it’s made out of, but it’s fucking stronger than your blades. I’ll tell you that much.

(Logan stopped his assault.)

Logan: If you build this machine, how the hell you don’t know what it’s made out of?

Mr. Breao: Th…That’s not important. Just know that you are weak against it.

(The machine started to shake.)

Logan: SHIT!

(Logan quickly jumped away from the machine. An eye grew from the top of the machine. The machine stops shaking. Logan was about to vommit.)

Logan: Th…That’s…disgusting.

Mr. Breao: No it isn’t. It’s a work of art.

Logan: The kind of art that should be flushed down the toilet. What is that anyway?

(Mr. Breao begins to smile.)

Mr. Breao: Your doom!

(Mr. Breao pushed a button inside the machine. The eye on top of the machine shot a laser from out of it. The laser landed next to Logan’s foot. Logan moved his foot dramatically.)


Mr. Breao: I missed on purposed. But the next one will go right through you.

(The eye shot out another laser. Logan rolled out of the way. The laser missed him.)

Logan: You’re a lazy shot, Albert.

Mr. Breao: I’m just getting started.

(The eye begins to shoot out a barrage of lasers towards Logan.)

Logan: Me and my big mouth.

(Logan starts running towards the machine, dodging the laser while doing so.)

Mr. Breao: Let’s see how long you can keep this up, Logan.

(Logan was still dodging the barrage of lasers. Logan finally got to the machine and begins to climb up the machine. Mr. Breao was shocked to see this.)

Mr. Breao: What are you doing?

Logan: I’m about to crack this thing open.

(Logan starts to use his blades to claw his way through the machine, but it was ineffective.)

Logan: This tin can is hard as shit.

(Mr. Breao starts to laugh.)

Mr. Breao: I told you, Logan. It’s useless. You can try as hard and as long as you want, but you will never break through.

(Logan looks at the eye that’s on top of the machine.)

Logan: Albert, you should take your assisstance’s advice.

(Mr. Breao stops laughing.)

Mr. Breao: Huh? And what might that be?

(Logan begins to climb up the machine again until he gets to the eye on top of the machine. Mr. Breao gets worried and scared.)

Mr. breao: What you doing? GET AWAY FROM THERE!

(Logan prepares to stab the eye with his blades.)

Logan: “Never say never.”


(Logan stabs the eye with his blades. He starts to get electricuted from stabbing the eye.)


(There was a small explosion that came from the eye. Logan flew back and landed on the ground, hard. The machine begins to malfunction. Mr. Breao is upset and mad.)

Mr. Breao: I was so close. I was suppose to rule the world. Me. Me. MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

(The machine exploded, disintegrating Mr. Breao, thus, killing him and destroyed part of City Hall. The explosion pushed Charlie, Candice, Josaline and Logan off of City Hall and onto the street.)

(12 hours later)

(It was morning and the sun was out. Josaline was laying on the street next to City Hall with cuts an bruises all over her body. Josaline begins to wake up. She starts to cough. Afterwards, she slowly opens her eyes. She begins to get up, but she realized that she was still in pain. So, she slowly stands up and is looking around while doing so. She sees rubble everywhere and part of City Hall gone.)

Josaline: What…happened?

(Josaline starts rubbing her head. She then remembers what happened the night before.)

Josaline: Candice!

(Josaline starts to look around again.)

Josaline: Where is everyone?

(Josaline starts to walk.

(10 seconds)

(Josaline saw some rocks move from the corner of her eye. She got scared.)

Josaline: Who’s there?

(There was no answer. Josaline begins to walk cloder to where she saw the rocks move. When Josaline got close enough, she starts to move the rocks out of the way. In doing so, she spotted someone’s hand under the rubble.)

Josaline: A hand?

(Josaline move the rocks even faster. When she moved more rocks out the way, she noticed that it was Logan that was under the rubble.)

Josaline: Logan!

(Josaline grabs Logan’s hand and pulled him from out of the rubble. She then gets on her knees beside Logan and attempts to wake him up.)

Josaline: Logan! Logan wake up!

(Logan slowly opens his eyes and saw Josaline.)

Josaline: Thank goodness. You’re ok.

Logan: Josaline? Is that…you?

(Josaline starts to smile.)

Josaline: Yes. It’s me.

Logan: You…missed a lot…last night. It was…crazy.

Josaline: I bet it was.

Logan: Josaline. I have to…tell you something.

(Josaline starts to cry.)

Logan: I need you…to do me…a favor. I don’t think…I’m going to be able to…do it and I need you to…take care of it…for me.

Josaline: Anything.

Logan: I need you to find Charlie and tell him that Albert is dead and I’m the one that killed him.

(Josaline is surprised to hear that Mr. Breao died.)

Josaline: Mr. Breao’s dead?

Logan: Yes. And I’m the one that killed him.

(Josaline is sad, but relieved to hear that Mr. Breao died.)

Josaline: OK. I will.

Logan: Good. Don’t forget to tell him…that I killed him.

Josaline: Why does that matter?

Logan: It just does, ok?

Josaline: Fine. I’ll let him know.

(Logan smiles.)

Logan: Thanks.

(Logan closes his eyes and then dies.)

Josaline: (I will always love you, Logan.)

(Josaline stands up while looking at Logan’s lifeless body. She then turns away from Logan and walk away from his body. Josaline went around then corner of City Hall and saw three people walking in her direction. It was Charlie, Candice and Cindy. Cindy was carrying Charlie and Candice on her shoulders. )

Josaline: Cindy?

(Josaline begins to walk towards them. The camera pans to the sky.)

(1 months later)

(The camera pans down to a car that is driving on the highway. Charlie, Candice, Josaline and Cindy are in the car. Candice was driving the car and were wearing sunglasses. Charlie was in the passenger seat and he had an eye patch over his left eye. Josaline and Cindy were in the backseat. Josaline was looking at an old picture of Logan. Cindy was reading a manga book.)

Charlie: Alright, girls. What’s on today’s agenda?

Candice: The same thing that’s was on yestarday’s agenda.

Josaline: Venturing out and killing all those Zombies out there.

Candice: That’s right.

Cindy: And reading manga books.

Candice: You and that damn manga. I should destroy your manga books.

(Cindy gets upset.)

Cindy: Don’t you dare get near my manga books. Manga is life.

Candice: Whatever.

Charlie: I still can’t believe it though.

Candice: What?

Charlie: What happened 1 months ago.

Candice: It’s hard to believe.

Charlie: I miss Frank. He was my best friend.

(Candice remembers the last thing Frank said to him before he died.)

Candice: I do too.

Josaline: I miss Logan too.

Candice: We didn’t say we miss Logan.

Josaline: I know. But you should.

Charlie: Logan. I can’t believe he killed my father before I did.

Candice: Run this by me again. You said you and Logan were in a competition?

Charlie: That’t right. The competition was simple. Who ever kills my father first, wins.

Candice: And how long did this competition last?

Charlie: About 3 years.

Cindy: You planned on killing your father 3 years ago?

Charlie: That’s right.

Cindy: That’s upsetting.

Candice: That’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Josaline: I guess.

(5 seconds later)

Cindy: So, Charlie. You want to read this awesome manga that I’m reading?

(Charlie gets nervous.)

Charlie: Ummm…I would Cindy, but…you’re in the middle of reading it.

Cindy: Don’t worry about it. I alreay finished it like 20 times.

Charlie: You see, it’s kind of hard for me to read anyway. I only have one eye now and I don’t want to strain it.

Cindy: Are you saying reading my manga books strain your eye?

Charlie: No, not at all. I’m just saying in order for me to read things, I have to focus really hard.

Cindy: Yeah, whatever.

(Cindy sarts reading her manga book.)

Charlie: I’m sorry, Cindy. (I don’t ever want to read those ever again.)

Josaline: Lets see what’s on the radio.

Candice: Good idea, Josaline. I knew you weren’t a complete failure.

Josaline: Shut up.

(Candice turned on the radio. The song “Baby by Justin Bieber” started playing. Charlie and company cringed a little. Candice turned off the radio.)

Candice: Music is dead to me now.

Josaline: Don’t worry. I got this portable television from the town before. It still works too.

Charlie: Nice. Time to watch what the tube.

(Josaline handed the television to Charlie. Charlie put the television on the dashboard and turned it on. A show came on that showed Charlie in an alternate universe going by the name of Reao.)

Candice: Is that you?

Charlie: Well, lookie here. I’m a star.

Josaline: How did you get on tv if we’ve been traveling?

Charlie: Details. Who cares about those?

Josaline: I do.

Charlie: That’s right. Nobody.

Josaline: I said I care.

Charlie: Exactly. Nobody. Let’s just sit back and watch me be awesome.

Candice: That Charlie is more funny than our Charlie.

(Candice, Josaline and Cindy starts laughing. Charlie gets upset.)

Charlie: Not funny.

(The camera pans outside the back of the car and watches as the car drives down the road.)

The End!

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