C.O.L.A. Beration (working progress)

Chapter 9

Candice (as child): What are you talking about? We go to the same school.

(The guy turned his head towards Candice.)

???: The person you are referring to is my twin brother.

(Candice was shocked.)

Candice (as child): Twin? Jerome has a twin brother?

???: It doesn’t surprise me that you do not know about me. We go to separate schools after all. Plus, he doesn’t like to talk about me.

Candice (as child): Why not?

???: You should ask Jerome the next time you see him.

Korn: How lovely.

(The guy looked towards Korn.)

Korn: It seems as though you two are having a reunion.

(Candice looked at Korn.)

Candice (as child): Shut up, baby gap. This is my first time meeting him. So this is not a reunion, fart tard.

(Korn had multiple veins bulging from his head.)

Korn: You are going to regret saying that, bitch.

(Korn began running towards Candice and the guy.)

???: You’re pretty strong, Korn. But you revealed your biggest weakness.

Korn: Oh yeah? What’s that?

(When Korn got close enough to guy, Korn started tickling him.)

Korn: (Now that I’m tickling him, there’s no way he can get away from me. L. O. L.)

???: It’s not going to work.

Korn: Huh?

(Korn looked surprised while looking up at the guy’s face.)

???: Your biggest weakness is not knowing when people are immune to your abilities.

Korn: What?

(The guy kicked Korn in the air.)


(Korn began to descend.)


???: No.

(When Korn got in range from falling, the guy punched Korn in the face, causing Korn to fly into a tree and knocking him unconscious. Afterwards, the guy turned around and looked at the rest of Korn’s crew.)

???: Anyone else wants to meet the same fate?

(Everyone else in the crew ran away while carrying the ones who were unconscious.

???: Glad that’s over.

(Candice had a surprised look on her face.)

Candice (as child): (But how? How is he so strong?)

(The guy turns towards Candice.)

Candice (as child): Your…

???: Thank you.

Candice (as child): For what?

???: If it wasn’t for you I would not have learned what they were capable of.

Candice (as child): Wait. Are you telling me I was bait?

???: Well, not exactly.

(Candice hits the guy in the head. The guy grabs his head in pain.)

???: Owww. Why’d you do that? I said not exactly.

Candice (as child): That’s not comforting at all.

(The guy started laughing.)

???: Please forgive me.

Candice (as child): What’s so funny?

???: Nothing.

(The guy started to walk towards his bike.)

Candice (as child): Hey, where are you going?

???: The same place you should be going?

Candice (as child): And where is that?

(The guy got on his bike.)

???: School, of course.

Candice (as child): Oh shit. I totally forgot. What time is it?

(The guy begins riding his bike.)

???: See ya later, Candice.

Candice (as child): How do you know my name?

(The guy rode off on his bike.)

Candice (as child): Asshole. Now I’m going to be late for school.

(Candice started running towards school.)

(30 minute later)

(Candice breathing heavily after getting to class.)

Candice (as child): I’m here…(heavy beathing)…so no…(heavy breathing)…need to…(heavy breathing)…worry.

???: Candice, so glad for you to show up.

Candice (as child): I’m sorry, professor.

(Candice began to walk towards her seat.)

Candice (as child): I got distracted and lost track of time.

Professor: Whatever. Just take your seat, turn to page 216 and get to work.

Candice (as child): (You get to work.)

(Candice got to her seat and then sat down. Somebody next to Candice tapped her on her shoulder.)

???: Hey, Candice.

(Candice noticed someone attempting to get her attention.)

Candice (as child): Jerome?

(Candice was shocked when she looked at Jerome because of her encounter with Jerome’s twin brother. Jerome begins to laugh. He stops laughing and begins to smile.)

Jerome: You look like you’ve seen a ghost or something.


{Full Name: Jerome Snort/ Age: 20/ Nationality: American/ Race: Caucasian/ Height: 5"2"/ Hair: Short and black/ Hobby: Hanging out with Candice/ Favorite Dish: Chicken Noodle Soup/ Hates: Anything his brother likes/ Fear: Brother}

Candice (as child): No. It’s just that…

(Candice looked away with a worried look on her face. Jerome became curious.)

Jerome: What’s wrong?

Candice (as child): I…

Jerome: Come on. You can tell me.

Candice (as child): While I was walking to school, a group of guys stopped me and prevented me from going anywhere, unless I gave them money.

(Jerome stopped smiling.)

Jerome: What?! Are you ok? Did they hurt you?

Candice (as child): I got tickled, then thrown to the ground which left me unable to move for a period of time.

Jerome: Tickled?

Candice (as child): It was a little kid.

Jerome: You lost to a little kid?

Candice (as child): He was strong. Ok?

(Jerome began laughing uncontrollably.)

Professor: Stop laughing, Mr. Snort.

(Jerome stopped laughing and looked at the professor.)

Professor: Can you not see that your fellow classmates are trying to study?

Jerome: Sorry, Mr. Johnson.

Mr. Johnson: I swear. You or your kin are going to be the death of me one day.


{Full Name: Barak Johnson/ Age: 36/ Nationality: American/ Race: African-American and Caucasian/ Height: 5"10"/ Hair: Short and black/ Hobby: Watching soap opera/ Favorite Dish: Sloppy Joe/ Hates: Kids/ Fear: Vampires}

Jerome: That’s rude.

Mr. Johnson: You know what else is rude, you laughing in my class when people are working.

Jerome: Sigh.

Mr. Johnson: And your face.

Jerome: (BITCH!)

Mr. Johnson: Okay class. I’m going to step out for a moment. Please do your best not to be asses when I’m gone. B.R.B.

(Mr. Johnson walked out of the class room.)

Jerome: I hope he gets decapitated by a vampire.

(Jerome turned towards Candice.)

Jerome: Where was I? Oh yeah.

(Jerome began to laugh again.)

Candice (as child): Why are you laughing?

(Jerome stopped laughing and begins to smile.)

Jerome: You got beat up by a little kid.

Candice (as child): It’s not that funny.

Jerome: I beg to differ.

Candice (as child): Anyway, I was on the ground unable to move and then some guy came and rescued me. He beat up Korn and the rest of his crew and scared them away.

Jerome: Who’s Korn?

Candice (as child): The little kid.

(Jerome begins to laugh uncontrollably.)

Candice (as child): What is the matter with you?

(Jerome stops laughing.)

Jerome: You got beat up by a little kid named Korn.

(Candice started to get mad.)

Jerome: Don’t get mad. Did you at least insult his name?

Candice (as child): Actually, yes. I did. I called him cream corn.

Jerome: Nice.

(Candice and Jerome fist bumped each other.)

Jerome: So, who was the guy who saved you? Did you know him?

Candice (as child): Well…

(Candice looked away from Jerome.)

Jerome: What’s wrong?

(Jerome began to get suspicious.)

Jerome: I think I know what’s going on.

(Jerome begins to smile.)

Candice (as child): You do?

(Candice quickly looked at Jerome.)

Jerome: You have a crush on that guy, huh?

Candice (as child): What?!

(Candice begins to blush.)

Jerome: Looks like I hit the nail on the head.

(Candice punched Jerome in the head. Jerome grabbed his head in pain.)

Jerome: Owww. That hurt.

Candice (as child): Stop assuming things you don’t know.

Jerome: I was just joking around.

Candice (as child): Don’t play like that.

Jerome: Just hurry up and tell me before I have a concussion.

Candice (as child): Ok.

(Candice stopped blushing.)

Candice (as child): The person that saved me…He looked exactly like you.

(Jerome looked surprised.)

Jerome: What?!

Candice (as child): He said he was your twin brother.

Jerome: Oh.

(Jerome looked away from Candice with a sad look on his face.)

Jerome: How is he doing?

(Candice quickly looked at Jerome.)

Candice (as child): What do you mean? He’s your brother.

(Jerome remained silent.)

Candice (as child): And why haven’t you told me about him? I thought we were friends.

Jerome: I didn’t think he was worth mentioning.

Candice (as child): But he knew who I was.

Jerome: That’s because I talked to him about you.

Candice (as child): And you don’t think I should know about him?

Jerome: Unlike him, you’re important to me. You’re my best friend, Candice.

Candice (as child): And he is your flesh and blood.

Jerome: That doesn’t matter.

Candice (as child): Don’t you care about him?

Jerome: Not anymore.

Candice (as child): Why not?

Jerome: I just don’t!

Candice (as child): What happened between you two? What did he do to make you resent him so much?

Jerome: Don’t worry about it.

Candice (as child): But…

(Jerome quickly stood up and slam his hand on the table with a furious look on his face. Everybody in class looked towards Jerome. Candice was frightened with a scared look on her face. When Jerome noticed the expression that Candice was displaying towards him, his furious expression quickly turned to sorrow. Jerome faced away from Candice.)

Jerome: There’s no need for you to get involved into my problem. You already have enough to worry about.

(Jerome started to walk towards the room’s entrance.)

Candice (as child): Where are you going?

(Jerome stopped walking and turned his head towards Candice with a smile on his face.)

Jerome: Don’t worry, Candice. I’ll be fine.

(Jerome turned his head away from Candice and proceeded to walk out the room.)

Candice (as child): Jerome, wait!

(Jerome left the room. Candice had a worried look on her face.)

Candice (as child): (Jerome.)

(8 hours later)

(Candice was walking home from school.)

Candice (as child): I’m glad school is over. Now I can go home and get some rest.

(Candice had a worried look on her face.)

Candice (as child): (But still. I’m worried about Jerome. I hope he’s ok.)

(Candice heard a noise coming from an ally way that she was walking pass. Candice stopped walking and looked down the alley way.)

Candice (as child): Huh? What was that noise just now?

(Candice proceeded to walk down the alley way.)

Candice (as child): Hello? Is anyone here?

(As Candice was walking down the alley way, she saw someone laying on the ground. She quickly ran to the individual and kneeled to their side to pick them up.)

Candice (as child): Are you…

(Candice noticed that the individual was Jerome.)

Candice (as child): JEROME!

(Jerome was beaten half to death with blood steadily spilling from the right side of his body.)

Candice (as child): Jerome. Speak to me.

Jerome: Can…dice. Is…that…you?

(Jerome slowly opened his eyes to see Candice.)

Candice (as child): It’s me, Jerome. Don’t push yourself.

Jerome: I’m…happy…to see…you. Candice.

(Jerome started coughing. Then grabbed his side because of the pain.)

Candice (as child): What happen?

Jerome: I’m…sorry…Candice. I should have not…overreacted earlier. I…was wrong.

Candice (as child): Don’t apologize. You wasn’t wrong. You had every right to overreact. It wasn’t my business to get involved with. I should be the one who’s sorry.

Jerome: I was…too weak.

Candice (as child): You’re not weak, Jerome. You’re one of the strongest people I know.

(Candice notice the pool of blood was getting bigger.)

Candice (as child): (Jerome is losing a lot of blood.) Don’t talk anymore, Jerome. Save your strength. We got to get you to the hospital.

Jerome: There is…no need…for that…now. I’m already…done for. I’ve lost…too much…blood.

Candice (as child): Don’t say things like that. You still have a fighting chance. Come on. I’ll help you up.

(Candice attempted to lift Jerome, but the pain was too much for Jerome to bare. Jerome grabbed his side again and began to lose more blood, rapidly.)

Candice (as child): Jerome!

(Candice looked towards the exit of the alley way.)

Candice (as child): SOMEONE CALL 911! ANYONE! PLEASE!

Jerome: Candice.

(Candice quickly looked at Jerome. Jerome was smiling.)

Jerome: It’s ok.

Candice (as child): No it’s not. It’s not ok.

(Candice began crying. Jerome put his hand on Candice’s face and slowly started wiping her tears away with his thumb.)

Jerome: Don’t cry…Candice. You’ll ruin…that beautiful…face of yours.

Candice (as child): But you’re dying.

Jerome: I know. I’m ready…to except…my fate.

Candice (as child): But I’m not. I don’t want you to leave me.

Jerome: Don’t worry. I’m always…going to be…with you.

(Jerome slowly put his index finger on her forehead.)

Jerome: Right here.

(Jerome slowly put his index finger on her chest.)

Jerome: And right here.

Candice (as child): That’s my nipple, you fool.

Jerome: I know.

(Candice grabbed his hand and begins to cry more.)

Jerome: Candice. I have…something…to tell you.

Candice (as child): (Sniff) Yes.

Jerome: Always…be true…to yourself…and…never…stray away…from…you…dream.

(Jerome closed his eyes and then he died.)

Candice (as child): Jerome. Jerome! JEROOOOOME!

(Candice embraced Jerome’s body and begins to cry more heavily.)

(Flashback ends)

(Captain Shoulder is still choking Candice by her neck while he is holding her in the air with one hand.)

Candice: Jer…ome. I’m…sorry.

(Candice passed out from being choked by Sgt. Shoulder.)

Captain Shoulder: She finally passed out, eh? About damn time. My arms was starting to hurt from holding her. Resilient little bitch, but all good things must come to an end.

(Captain Shoulder started laughing. Just then, Sgt. Shoulder witnessed a bright light emitting from Candice.)

Captain Shoulder: What the hell’s going on?

(The light coming from Candice grew brighter and caused everyone in the room to pass out except Captain Shoulder.)

Captain Shoulder: What is this?

(Captain Shoulder look around and saw everyone fall to the ground.)

Captain Shoulder: What’s happening? What did you do?

(With every second that went by, Captain Shoulder became more and more frighten from the power that was growing inside of Candice.)

Captain Shoulder: (This can’t be happening. How is she doing this? This doesn’t make sense. I have to do something before it’s too late. You must die.) DIE!

(While Captain Shoulder still held Candice by the neck, he threw a punch at Candice’s face with all his might, but Candice stopped Captain Shoulder punch with her hand.)

Captain Shoulder: What?!

(Candice slowly lift her head. What Captain Shoulder witnessed was something he has not ever seen before. Candice’s eyes were pitch black without pupils and she had a sinister smile to match. This was the most fear Captain Shoulder has ever felt in his entire life.)

Captain Shoulder: What the hell are you?

(Candice grabbed the hand of Captain Shoulder that was choking her and squeezed it.)

Captain Shoulder: Ahhhhhhh!

(Captain Shoulder quickly let go of Candice’s neck.)

Captain Shoulder: DAMN!

(Candice made Captain Shoulder fall to his knees. Captain Shoulder looked at Candice.)

Captain Shoulder: How are you so strong?

(Candice released Captain Shoulder’s hands and then quickly kicked Captain Shoulder in the chest, causing him to fly backwards.)


(Before Captain Shoulder could hit the wall, Candice appeared behind him and then elbowed Captain Shoulder in the back, stopping him in his tracks and knocking him unconscious. Captain Shoulder fell to the ground, face first. Afterwards, Candice fell to the ground, unconscious.)

(5 seconds later)

(Candice woke up.)

Candice: W…What happened? Why am I on the ground?

(Candice stood up, rubbing her head and then she saw everybody on the ground. Candice had a surprised look on her face.)

Candice: What happened here? The last thing I can remember is…

(Candice had a flashback of her being choked by Captain Shoulder.)

Candice: Captain Shoulder!

(Candice looked around and saw Captain Shoulder on the ground beside her.)

Candice: What is he doing on the ground?

(Candice looked at her hand.)

Candice: Did I do this?

(Candice stopped looking at her hand.)

Candice: Whatever the case maybe, I have to get out of here.

(Candice ran out of the building onto the street to witness Zombies coming to her position from every direction.)

Candice: Damn. There’s nowhere to run.

(Zombies are steadily getting closer and closer to Candice.)

Candice: This is the end for me.

(Candice closed her eyes. When she opened her eyes, she was flying in the air.)

Candice: What’s going on? How am I flying?

(Candice realized someone was carrying her. Candice looked at the person who’s carrying her.)

Candice: Who…Who are you?

???: It’s been a while, Candice.

Candice: (“It’s been a while, Candice?” How does he know my name?) Wait a minute. Are you…

???: So you finally remember.

Candice: It can’t be.

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