Day 22: This punk cover of Lil Uzi is pretty dope

White people at it again!!! Taking from black culture and turn it into white people stuff!!! Isn’t that cultural appropriation? Maybe so, but either way this punk cover of XO TOUR LIif3 is fuckin liiiiiiit.

This video was set up for success from the very start. The second I hit the play button I knew I was about to watch some HEAT. Fifteen black dudes with glocks, Hennessy, and punk rock guitars — the only thing that could’ve made this video better would’ve been if the black guys were the ones actually singing and playing the instruments. But we’re not living in a dream world here, so of course the punk rock was played by a bunch of Hot Topic looking white guys. And man are they Hot Topic looking. They’ve got the ripped skinny jeans, the beanies, the gauged ears, the works. I’d bet good money that at least one of these guys worked at Hot Topic at some point in their lives. And that’s what makes this video so great.

These dudes are the epitome of grungy white culture and they’re jumping around, gettin hype with a bunch of dreadheaded black guys with guns and Hennessy. That’s a combo that rivals with the Pizza pretzel flavored Combo’s at 7/11 (all due respect to the OG Combo’s flavor).

And on top of all that, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy listening to the song itself. There’s just something about this XO TOUR Life song. It could be covered by Canadian country singers and it’d still fucking bump. There’s even a point in this song that they sing in screamo and it still sounds pretty good.

Honestly though, no one is ever gonna watch this video for anything more than the novelty of seeing white punk rockers jump around with black dudes. Punk rock is like the musical equivalent of ice hockey for black people, so I’m not sure if we’ll see something like this ever again. Unless it catches on and becomes a popular thing to do for a while. Fucking white people man!