10 Opportunities to Make Your Employees Laugh

A workplace is similar to a comedy club. The talent is incredible, yet unpredictable. Management gate-keeps heavily, but also navigates a ton of turnover. Happy crowds come back for more, while the unimpressed seek new places to be.

Like Kombucha on tap, jokes are a great zeitgeisty perk that serve as a renewable and engaging resource for your workforce. The below “Laughsticle” explores a variety of internal settings that are ripe for punchlines.

Town Halls

The bagels are stale, the slides are upcycled, and the cheap chairs make your butt feel unwelcome. That said, assembling everyone simultaneously is a powerful chance to entertain the entire organization. Write witty bullets, replace stock images with employee memes, and give your people something to look forward to when the next all-staff invite lands in their inbox.


You blog to update the masses and increase your influence, but the bombardment of email blasts and SEO only go so far. The biggest fans of your blog can and should be your colleagues. Funny posts not only encourage internal engagement, they also instill a “my blog can beat up your blog” pride in your workers.


If you want someone to retain important information without passing out in a sea of terrible checklists, you must literally bribe them with comedy. Think of trainees in marketing terms — as potential customers — and create humorous lessons that are as concise, visual, and amusing as possible.

Confirmations & Alerts

Let’s face it, a lot of the work day [and work life] is inherently monotonous. Challenge yourself to break up the inevitable tedium and make someone’s day with a well-placed Easter Egg.


In a world where you’re already presenting folks with options, present them with the bonus option of laughter! Farm to table menus aren’t limited to restaurants, you too can grow your very own GMO-free jokes year-round!

Push Notifications

Most push notifications are the phone’s version of leaving your car headlights on. They drain your battery and interrupt your neighbors. Become the interruption that everyone looks forward to by finding clever angles to bake into your important missives.

Staff Announcements

No matter how old you get, it’s never easy to be the new kid in school or the one who is moving away from home. Laughter fuels friendship and connection.


What retreats and offsites really need is a new name. These are words people use when they run away. It’s no wonder employees can grow wary of these events that feel less like team building and more like a normal work day in a confusing new location. If you’re going to invest in a fancy venue, invest in the entertainment aspects as well. Start with a funny speech, hang funny signs, and play funny games. Steal the bus driver’s microphone on the way back to tell a couple more jokes and make the commute home one to remember.

Company-wide Gatherings

Similar to Town Halls, your company parties, picnics, and other social gatherings are a powerful time to unite not just your own company family, but their families too. Punch up and practice that annual toast. The urgent meeting that lands at 5pm on a Friday lands a lot better on the home front if the spouse thinks the boss is funny.

Job Postings

Everyone loves the story of the backup quarterback who pays their dues and gets their shot. Odds are you’ve got a lot of potential free agents who would much rather grow with the team than get used to a new jersey. It’s great to be a company that attracts talent, but the ones who retain talent are the real victors. Be the comedy club that fosters headliners instead of openers.