COMEDIAN-IN-CHIEF: How to Run the Funniest 2020 Presidential Campaign

Charlie Nadler
Jun 25 · 4 min read

Congrats, you are running for President of the United States! In an ever-divided country, you need more than smart policy. People often say they want a President they can have a beer with. Comedy is the calorie free version of this, and few things bring people together as powerfully as a good punchline. Below is a suggested roadmap for how to appropriately imbed humor throughout your campaign.


Getting people to read your campaign emails is harder than getting them to vote for you. Most times they’ll only read the “unsubscribe” part. Break the ice in the subject line and break into their attention span.

Sample Subject Line One Liner:


Debates are really just the uptight cousins of roast battles. Having jokes up your sleeve can be as effective for your audience as a fully baked tax plan.

Sample Debate Zinger:


Don’t let the soft couches or heavy equipment fool you. This is the perfect format for pre-planned stand up material.

Sample Sit Down Stand Up:


Like a road comic, you crisscross the country with your material. But it doesn’t have to be the same stump speech. Mine humor from the varying geography, and hone your one-liners all the way to The National Convention.

Sample Stump Schtick:

Social Media

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or the platform some 7-year-old coded yesterday, you gotta do ALL OF IT. It’s also digital fodder for any bully opponents. Be the twitter troll you want to see in the world.

Sample Social Shenanigans:


Welcome to the Kickstarter generation where everyone’s raising dough. How do you get folks to contribute to your cause instead of their neighbor’s beagle’s behavioral training GoFundMe? JOKES.

Sample Fundraising Repartee:

White Papers

QUICK, grab the smelling salts! [assuming you just passed out from the boredom of the phrase “white paper”] This is a format that’s begging for comic relief.

Sample White Paper Wit:

Self Deprecation

A fantastic way to be liked is to tear yourself into a thousand self-aware pieces. You’ll gain admiration of the people and disarm your rivals.

Sample Self Deprecation Domination:

Getting Out The Vote

It takes a village to get people to exercise their constitutional right. It’s about as likely as getting people to exercise. Let’s focus on one energy intensive thing at a time…

Sample Get Out Gag:

Now go out there and find a comedy writer who matches your sensibilities to punch up your Presidential run! Once you win, we will go over how to have a hilarious first term.

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