Pain, Rejection, and Disappointment: A Recipe for Comedy!

Greatness is rare. Mastery takes time. Most people aren’t buying what you’re selling (unless it’s toothpaste). Life is full of failure, adversity, and the word NO.

Yet all of these low moments, with time, can be catalysts for comedy. They say live in the moment. But if the moment is trying, it’s important to live after the moment too.

Below are three areas of life that start in a dark place, but can eventually be a recipe for something hilariously beautiful. I’ve included bits from my stand up to help illustrate each concept.


Opposites attract, which is why pain and recovery go so well together. A well-placed joke helps to process hurt the same way a band-aid heals a cut. Social media is so popular because humans love to share their experiences. Your pain strikes many nerves other than your own, thus making it a powerful source of punchlines.

Creditors called our house every night. You know you have a ton of debt when you start developing friendships with the creditors.
“Hi this is Jerry from Bank of America.”
- Jerry? Where’s Mark? Oh right it’s Thursday, that’s his night with the kids!


Jokes about your amazing dating success will ironically turn people off. People prefer stories that end with your tail between your legs. Because they’ve been there with you, and it’s always reassuring and reaffirming to be reminded that they’re not alone.

Girls friendzoned me a lot. I’ve thoroughly explored the friendzone, seen stuff that no one knew existed. I’m the Lewis and Clarke of that place. I could do a TEDTalk on the Friendzone…
“And on this next slide you’ll see what seven dinners without making out looks like!”


Disappointment is the first act of any good underdog story. People need to know it happens often and early to everyone, and is a necessary stepping stone for anyone with a dream. To laugh about a present setback is a useful tool to succeed past it into the future.

My wife and I are interested in real estate. We’ve been looking at land, because the only kind of house we can afford is an invisible one!



  • 2 cups Pain, sliced into manageable wedges
  • 4 tablespoons Rejection, minced
  • 3/4 teaspoon Disappointment, room temperature


  1. Mix the pain with the rejection until smooth.
  2. Stir in the disappointment, let the batter marinate.
  3. Marination is complete once you are able to specify, heighten, and express your feelings in an entertaining and cathartic way.
  4. Bake until you are ready to share your creation.
  5. Distribute to as many people as you feel will relate to the batter.

Serves the soul.