Charlie Nouihed

Twitter Did the Right Thing!

Twitter is known as a social media-platform that gives us loads and loads of information by the act of retweeting, liking, commenting and posting. Ones big news organizations share something on twitter, it’s spread rapidly as a blink of an eye. So basically everything we share, is shared all around the world. Everyone can see what is shared on twitter from kids to grown ups. The things that is shared on twitter can have a big impact on the person reading or watching a post. This impact could be a negative one or a positive one. Twitter ones posted images of James Foley’s a freelance journalist beheading back in 2014. This video was released by the terrorist group knows as ISIS.

Twitter started sharing and posting screenshot and news about this incident. It spread the internet so fast. So many people saw it; however, others didn’t open the link. People as Journalist started begging twitter to remove these screenshots, until twitter removed them after they were shared all over the world. However, the question lies here, did twitter had the right to remove the screenshots? This question had been argued since 2014, and it has different opinions and/or perspectives to answer it. However, my position to this subject, is that twitter did the right thing in removing the screenshots from it’s account. I mean, it’s not ethical for the family members and friends of James Foley, to see these screenshots of him suffering, spread globally. And also, spreading these screenshots will somehow give a propaganda passage to these terrorist groups. Thus, such incidence may occur more and more since we are giving them the attention on the violent acts they are doing. Of course people have the right to know what is happening in this world, but exposing such violent images of a person being killed by a group of terrorists and his face is shown in the screenshot, is not and ethical and moral thing to consider. The least thing twitter can do is censoring his face, but still extreme violence is shown in the screenshot. The terrorist’s groups as ISIS doesn’t need more audience, so by posting and retweeting these kind of screenshots they will feel as the entertainers, by showing the world their violent actions. This can make them more powerful and they will feel as if they are superior and the center of attention. This satisfaction makes them more and more dominant and prevailing. Moreover, human compassion is lacked by posting these screenshots. I mean, we should have a bit empathy and understanding to a person being killed violently. Another question lies here, is that why twitter focused on the murder of James Foley and didn’t focused for example on the Syrian people being killed in the war? Is it because James Foley is a known Journalist? Or is it because the screenshots of him being killed by Isis is more dramatic and appealing as a whole scene, thus people will engage more?!

To conclude, removing the screenshots of James Foley by twitter from its account was the right thing. ISIS doesn’t need more propagandas and attention. Instead of twitter posting such screenshots, they could have posted the great things that James Foley achieved as a Journalist. This somehow will be a more positive step to make. Twitter should take into consideration the negative impact of these screenshots. They can lead to more chaos and violence in our world, and honestly our world doesn’t need more violence. Isis only wants attention to step forward, so media platforms shouldn’t give them the privilege. It’s all in our hands.

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