My Story

I grew up in a suburb to Stockholm, Sweden. Ever since my youth I’ve suffered from megalomania(insert;winkyface). I’ve almost always been the center of attention and never settled for second best. So for me, this is the best homework someone could possibly give.
I always have and will strive to be the best I can be. When I was young I played soccer and continued to do that until I and others didn’t think I was the best anymore(18 years old).
Way before 18 but still a great picture.
I got put on the bench instead of in the starting eleven, so I decided to move on and be the best at something else. Since then I haven’t found my next niche. This resulted in two gap years before coming here. During the gap years I traveled a lot. I wanted to see as much as I possibly could in order to make the best decision that I could do for my future.
Beijing, Shanghai and Xian in order.
I stayed in China for two weeks before backpacking throughout other parts of Asia.
The left picture shows the swing, which was way more fun than bungy.
I went to India for a month, went hiking and bungy jumped in the Himalayas of Nepal, I broke into Angkor Wat in Cambodia and climbed an abandoned hotel in Bangkok. stayed in Australia for two months(which wasn’t that fun, hence no pictures), chugged beer at Oktoberfest, celebrated new years in Prague, took a weekend to London and then I had to stop.
We later realized that Cambodia might not have been the best place to break rules.
My parents were pushing me to start studying again and after these two years I had figured out that Marketing and PR would be something I’d love to study and work with in the future. So I chose to come here because I still wanted to travel even though time to do that was running out in order for me to stay on track with my life plans and goals.
For me this class, POLS 110, means that I fulfill the requirements for the IGETC format. But not only that, I love politics and the medias impact on the world around it. I also believe that one of the most effective ways of marketing is done thru media and politics. My own belief is that propaganda is to this day practiced in politics around the world which is done thru marketing and PR. I’m also very fascinated by societies that fall blindly for this like the groups of people who vote for Trump. No questions asked that they aren’t receiving the same media as I’ve been, they obviously don’t know the truth since Trump continuously keep on feeding his voters lie upon lie. Or they’re just ignorant morons with no sense of human compassion. This is why I picked this class, to get to know and talk more about the societies we live in and what affects them to think and act as they do.

Throughout my journey I’ve always had my mother right beside me and she is my biggest inspiration so when you said that you wanted to know what influenced us I can’t really relate to movies and songs like you gave examples of because even though I enjoy watching movies and have been moved by several songs, my biggest influence is my mom. Whether it’s related to politics or love etc.
We always discuss and I feel like my views on major questions and dilemmas are very close to hers even though some things differ of course. I mean me getting a drunken tattoo on my foot which says beer in Thai might not have been the best idea in her mind while I’m more of a “shit happens” kind of person when it comes to things as such.
I did it in Amsterdam which is even worse…
But other than that we pretty much agree on everything.
To end this short story about me(insert;proudsmileyface) I thought I’d sum it up with a song which lyrics I hope to represent when I’m old enough to look back on my life and my accomplishments.
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