15 things all swimmers understand

1. “Are you tired? You’ve got bags under your eyes”

No, those are just goggle marks.

2. Something is always hanging up to dry.

Towel, trunks or costumes. Always, sometimes more than one!

3. “A mile isn’t that far”

Running a mile could not be more different to swimming a mile. A good swimmer will swim a mile in 15 minutes, a good runner will run a mile in 5.

4. Day dreaming has never been so easy

It takes so little to block everything out. 800m warm up — brilliant, I’ll solve every single one of my problems and plan my weekend while I’m at it. Remembering how many lengths to go — well that’s a whole new issue.

5. Chlorine.

The smell never leaves, no matter how hard you may try, it simply won’t go. I don’t need reminding that I smell of chlorine, I’m fully aware of it thank you.

6. Goggles.

Finding that pair that are just the right fit, what a feeling.

7. Goggles (again!)

There is a very very fine line between being just right, having leaky goggles, or having the world’s worst headache.

8. “Going for a swim”

To us, that is a totally different concept than it is to many other people.

9. “I think I’d be a good swimmer”

No. Just because you work out a lot, or may be very muscly, that does not mean you’re going to be a good swimmer, it doesn’t work like that.

10. That feeling after a bad race

The agony of knowing you’ve trained so hard, for something to go so horribly wrong, and then having to face your coach afterwards. It’s awful.

11. The nightmare of warming up at galas

Imagine being on the Tube during rush hour. Yeah — that’s an accurate description of a warm up at a gala.

12. There’s always one song

Without fail, a song pops into your head during every training session, and no matter how hard you may try — that song’s staying stuck in your head. Can only hope it’s a good song, otherwise you’re in for a long training session.

13. DQ

Probably the worst thing that could possibly happen in a race, unless it really did go that badly. An extra dolphin kick, an uneven touch, or something similar — what a pain.

14. Lanelines

They’re either your best friend or your worst enemy. For backstroke, there’s no denying their value — we all pulled on the lane line at some point during a backstroke set. But catching your finger in them, it goes without saying how painful that was.

15. Once a swimmer, always a swimmer

You’ll always call yourself a swimmer, and will always feel the pain of other swimmers, but will never forget the sport you fell in love with.