Please do learn to code
Quincy Larson

The only problem I find is that “Learn To Code” is often pushed as a way to increase people’s job opportunities. This definitely works and will help with the supposed applicant shortage, but that should not be the purpose of learning to code that is stressed. Learning to code is great for helping you expand the way you think about problems, but it isn’t the only way or the best way. Many of us who code tend to look at all problems as a way to increase efficiency or speed, etc. Many problems have human factors that coders don’t necessarily understand and are better seen through the lense of non-coders, people who may have studied literature or something.

Also, it shouldn’t be forced on people. There are plenty of children and people that simply don’t want to learn to code and would get more from learning something else, like calligraphy or ancient Greek literature or whatever else their heart desires. I fear that we’re trying to turn people into coding machines because that is “what the market demands”. Let people follow their hearts. No one pushed me to learn to code. I found it naturally, as anyone who loves their job found what they love to do. It wasn’t a subject forced down their throats at school.

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