I’ve decided to try and read a book a week this year. Each week I’ll be trying to blog about what I’ve read. Or not.

Book 1: Bizarre London — David Long

A wonderfully fitting Christmas gift for a history and fact-lover like myself, this book is a compendium of facts and stories concerning my new adoptive home.

In this format it is easy to dip in and out so I’ve managed to complete it in time for the imaginary Sunday deadline.

Highlights for me include facts about the rivers of London I’ve long been fascinated by , including for example the route of the Tyburn following a street in Marylebone, to the list of historic pubs which enabled me to undertake a mini pub crawl to some of London’s more historic watering holes yesterday.

Downsides were perhaps its general audience style thus leading to plenty of hearsay regarding Lords and Ladies of the past and lists of ephemera alongside more intriguing facts (for me, at least) like the 1993 cycle ride through the London Water Ring Main before completion.

Still, it was a fun book and I’m glad to still be on track. Next week, I’ll be reading a favourite author of mine — Haruki Murakami. Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage will be book number two and I have 298 pages to devour by Sunday 17th!

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