Basildon rejoice! The streetlights are going back on — or are they?

It’s November 4th 2019 and Basildon Council leader Gavin Callaghan has missed his own deadline of restoring all-night street-lighting before or on October 31st — “a deadline we will meet!”

Unfortunately, that deadline passed and the residents of Basildon are still left in the dark so I am going to explain what’s actually happened.

During the build-up to the vote at the council I lobbied councillors to vote in favour of the lights. …

Having endured one of the most entertaining Prime Minister’s Questions in a long time I’m stuck with more questions unanswered and a Jeremy Corbyn meme that will have social justice warriors on the left AND the right bring Twitter to its knees by bedtime.

I have to admit I’ve watched this clip a few times and laughed every time.

Why do we expect straight answers from our politicians? That’s a question that should be asked of the Prime Minister before an actual question is asked: Will you give the House a straight answer for the next thirty minutes? …

When it comes to Michael Jackson everyone has their favourite song and ultimately their favourite album.

With the day being Michael Jackson’s 60th birthday I felt it fitting as a hardcore Michael Jackson fan to compile my very favourite songs from all of his albums limiting myself to three songs only.

Don’t expect many of his greatest hits in this list as I LOVE album cuts.

Besides, the least commercial the song, the better! ;-)

Off The Wall (1979)

To be honest, being a DJ is an awesome job to have — especially if you’re good at it. But, with everything good in life you get hit with the bad too. Here are my Top 5 reasons why being a DJ sucks:

1. “Can you play something we can dance to?”

No, I don’t think I can do that. I’d rather you all stood in a statuesque fashion with zero atmosphere and zero fun. *rolls eyes*

I put this one first on my Top 5 as it’s my biggest annoyance when I’m at work. Normally, it’s an overbearing aunt or grandparent that makes this “play something we can…

*Disclaimer: I welcome the liberal, lefty abuse I am about to receive for this article.

One thing I hate about modern Britain is the knee-jerk reaction to be offended about absolutely everything.

I woke up to a news report from the BBC about Virgin Trains responding to a female passenger complaining about being called ‘honey’ by a male ticket attendant.

Quick question: would the complainant, @EmilyLunindaRC, on Twitter, have complained about being called ‘honey’ by a female ticket attendant? She’s deleted her account since this news broke so I had no way to ask her at the time of writing.

When I first heard One For My Baby it wasn’t by Frank Sinatra originally, it was by Robbie Williams. Upon hearing Robbie’s version I was instantly taken in by the lyrics of the song and what it actually meant.

…the despair and depression of a break-up was what I wanted to convey with my vocal on this track.

As with all the songs I gravitate towards I searched for sentimentality and romanticism that is sometimes lost on modern music. For me, this is a fantastic song about losing out on love and just basically being depressed about it. …

It might seem like there’s an obvious answer given the literal take-over of social media in anything and everything online but when Facebook limits your organic reach and people are leaving Twitter faster than MySpace, can you really afford not to be in control of your own space on the internet?

I have always invested my time into developing websites for myself as I think owning your online brand as the most important thing you can do for your business in an ever-increasing digital world.

Of course, I’ve adapted and use social media to publish news and songs and upcoming…

I’ve always been a believer in collaboration. The old mantra ‘two heads are better than one’ can be a blessing and a curse – but not if you have similar objectives and a clear route on which to reach the final destination.

Since brokering a deal with picturesque wedding venue – The Brandy Hole – to provide entertainment to their wedding clients, I’ve found myself open to forming more partnerships in the future due to the ambitious nature and outright dedication of the owner and manager to the success of their business.

EMS Artists share the same commitment to great…

In my experience running EMS Artists over the past 2–3 years I’ve found that building dedicated relationships with my clients has really been an advantage to my company.

One of my biggest clients is the pub-food chain Hungry Horse (a subsidiary of Greene King) which boasts over 245+ branches nationwide.

If you’re business-minded you’ll understand immediately from my last paragraph why I decided to dedicate myself to Hungry Horse; the growth potential was, and is, enormous.

In the beginning I started small with two clients based in Berkshire and Surrey. …


Writing about the world as I see it. Otherwise, I’m a swing singer and a throwback party DJ.

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