Rocket Apparel

Charles Scheuer
Draft · 3 min read

Too Long, Didn’t Read Summary: I am combining my web development / logo design skills with my understanding of global trade to create a fleece brand.


After selling Bluetooth earbuds on Amazon this summer, I decided I was interested in using what I learned about to sourcing to engage myself in brand creation exercises. At first I thought about making socks. This seemed appealing because the per-unit cost of socks is pretty low compared to other products, thus ordering the minimum order quantity from a supplier would not be a substantial investment. However, after doing a little bit of research on the market with Allbirds’ consumers, I decided not to sell socks because the demand did not seem sufficient. Most of the customers I talked to said that they didn’t even wear socks with their Allbirds! As an aside, I really enjoyed engaging with consumers about the products they use. This is something I would hope to do more of in the future.

After I decided the socks were not a good idea, I saw a few photos of Duskus, an electronic music producer, wearing a retro Adidas pullover. I did some research about Sherpa fleeces and found out that they were in style this season. I thought that it might look interesting with a rocket logo that I made in my junior year of high school and decided I would see how well manufacturers on Alibaba could make samples of garments like this based on my photos and description. I did not give them any technical flats, but I did give basic measurements like shoulder width and neck drop.

logo I made in high school

Fortunately, I was able to obtain some high resolution photos of the type of fleece I was trying to make a sample of (see below). This help communicate the idea to the representatives from the manufacturer.

One of the photos I sent to the manufacturer

The Samples

Overall I was impressed with the samples that the manufacturers sent me. The embroidery looks very good and they used very high-quality materials. The Sherpa material is very soft and thick and feels warm.

embroidery on the sample

Current Status of the Project

I am currently taking photos of people wearing the fleece and making a website to test the click-through-rate of the product. This will let me determine the demand for the fleece if I did sell this product. Doing so allows me to prototype the brand concept at a relatively low cost and get a ton of practice with web development and brand creation. Stay tuned for more!