Honor of Kings Players Spent A Lot More in Q1, Growing 59% from Last Quarter

Honor of Kings Players Spent A Lot More in Q1, Growing 59% from Last Quarter

According to data powerhouse MAI Intelligence, Tencent’s biggest mobile game title Honor of Kings grossed a lot more this quarter. Averagely a user spend around USD $41.15 in the game throughout Q1, which grew about 59% from Q4, 2018. The average order is around USD $6.72.

In Q1, Honor of Kings launched its new season S14 in January, and also had its biggest version update around the same time. This version came with new hero characters, new costumes, new weapons, which can all be translated into new In-App-Purchases $$$.

The biggest change is that the game launched a new player level system called “Honor Badges”, which allow players to unlock more exclusive and powerful rewards by purchasing the game tokens. According to MAI Intelligence’s data, sales of the In-App-Purchases that involve the “Honor Badges” counted for around 12.8% of the total sales in Q1, which makes it the 3rd most sold items.

Data from MAI Intelligence also showed that the total IAP revenues in the first week of the new season grew by 250% from the previous week.

Since its launch, Tencent’s Honor of Kings keeps growing rapidly in revenues year by year. It grossed around 1.93 Billion USD from 2018, which made it one of the most profitable mobile games in the world. Last year, game developers of China had a tough time with the tight game-licensing approval policy, which made game companies invest more in the existing games. It is estimated that Honor of Kings is likely to gross over 2.5 Billion this year.

Let’s wait and see.

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Originally published at https://blog.measurable.ai on May 9, 2019.

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