Nobody Rides For Free!!

Why I chose Udacity’s Digital Marketing Nanodegree

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The internet is amazing, you can find any information about anything you could think off. By typing into the search engine, a whole universe of possibilities opens up and you can spend hours heading down one route or another, finding out things that are fascinating, interesting, cool, funny or just plain weird.

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There are even illnesses you can develop by heavy surfing, Cyberchondria (source: Wikipedia) is one example where people get increased levels of anxiety based on search results they get, and what they read online. I am sure if I hadn’t found Udacity’s course on Digital Marketing, I would end up as a sufferer of cyberchondria.

A while back I reached a point where I had to develop some online skills because of the demands of my job. I can’t tell you the numbers of hours I have spent frantically trying to get a grip of all the social media channels and website demands without the opportunity or the time to learn properly.

Don’t get me wrong I can just about achieve what I am required to, and the people I work with reckon I have got it sorted, however, I am fairly sure my knowledge is not deep enough to master what I do or to move forward in a planned and controlled way, I am in terms of digital marketing , what my grandparents would call, a Jack of All Trades, Master of None.

I finally decided to do something about it this year, so I googled Digital Marketing courses (10 million + search results) and especially FREE Digital Marketing courses (50 million + search results) and as per usual spent hours clicking through hundreds of search results, and even took some of the free courses ending up completely confused, making me doubt knowledge I knew was correct.

Udacity’s Digital Marketing Nanodegree

That’s when Udacity entered the scene. I had looked at both Udacity and Udemy previously, even registering for both, took some courses, both free and discounted, but when I saw Udacity’s Digital Marketing program, everything I had convinced myself I needed to know, was being offered.

A proper learning strategy, a reasonably controlled environment, real people with relevant skills teaching, educating and mentoring; endorsement and input by the masters of digital marketing including Facebook, Google, Hootsuite and Mailchimp, even a promise to move my career forward into employment in digital marketing, what’s not to love about it?

It takes 3 months, at around 10 hours commitment a week and I get to understand the real potential and opportunities behind digital marketing!

And then you see the price……$699 (discounted) or £600 in my money, quite a lot of my money…until you work out how many hours I have spent learning, testing and googling to understand the elements of digital marketing, and you realise the course costs essentially $5.83 an hour, which for all that knowledge is an absolute bargain.