I enjoyed reading this immensely.
Prince Charmingly Petty

I agree. I believe that relationships are living things and, like all living things, they have lifespans. Some are short, some are long. We never know the lifespan of any given relationship. While it is possible to put relationships on life support when they are dying, for example when one participant pulls more of the emotional weight for a while, my opinion is that ultimately if there is a lack of will to live and thrive somewhere in the relationship, it will die. I try to remind myself that the death of a relationship is not a “good” or “bad” thing necessarily, but it is just how things are. Sometimes I am sad or angry or frustrated or relieved or joyful about how things are, but it seems like my emotions are mostly symbols of my relationship to my own process. I try to just value them as internal roadmaps. So, for me, internalizing emotional turmoil is helpful when I am able to use it to learn new things about myself.