To allow iPhone to work and properly deliver email there is need to configure its SMTP settings for gmail. iPhone allow user to send and receive mail in short time. it is generally observed that if user use normal SMTP server available with gmail user has to change configuration when user alter internet connectivity. Through SMTP user an send mail to gmail user and if user use SSL/TLS user can send mail to any account user. Gmail SMTP server is free service for user using gmail account.

To avoid trouble user can switch to professional SMTP server as well.

Gmail smtp setting for iPhone

Steps to set gmail SMTP setting for iPhone are illustrated below:-

1. User have to tap on setting option available on iPhone then have to go on mails, contacts and calendars.

2. User need to tap email account from which user want to send messages or can add new account . email account here will be gmail account

3. Now user have to tap SMTP setting under outgoing mail server

4. After the above step user have to add server.

5. Then user have to enter certain settings required for configuration

6. User need to set server in on mode

7. User need to add host name. In host name user have to write SMTP server name only. There are certain outgoing servers parameters available as well user can check them too.

8. Now user have to enter username which would be used for sending email

9. User have to select strong password.user have to choose SSL and turn it off unless it has been enable on SMTP server

10. User have to set authentication mode as well so touch it and select the required password and enter the password in space provided. Password should be strong enough so that not able to be recognized or hacked by hackers

11. A password should have alphabets,special characters and certain symbols

12. Then user have to select server port .Generally the server port used is 25 but sometime it may happen that some internet service provider may block it due to increase in amount of spam mails. User can also choose port server 465 or 587.So it is advisable to set another.certain sending limit for message is setup which is 2000 for a day.

13. Now user have to tap on done option and user can use it to send mails now.

One can also do gmail SMTP setting for printer as well in same manner as illustrated above.

If user face any trouble related in setting of gmail .

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