It’s okay to hate Trump and not like Joe Biden.

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For those of you in the TL;DR demographic, I wholeheartedly endorse Anybody But Trump in the upcoming US Presidential Election but, at the same time, I’m not anything close to excited about the prospects of President Joe Biden.

And that’s okay. American voters can and should feel fine voting for the least stinky of the two choices.

In fact the choice couldn’t be more clear. It’s a vote for humanity over insanity. Biden on his worst day is Trump on his best.

Truthfully Joe Biden is more a seat filler…

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Ask anyone over the age of fifty what they miss most about the past and one of their top answers — if not the very top itself — is that things today aren’t built to last anymore. There is little (long lasting) quality in today’s world and finding true craftsmanship is like seeing a unicorn, in a skirt, riding a moped e-bike (read: rare).

While there is certainly an element of old angry guy persona is this complaint there is also indisputable truth in the proclamation. Things today aren’t truly built to last. In fact things today are deliberately not…

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Just follow these simple steps. And don’t skip any!

(NOTE: I have Bolded the basic steps in case you’re really stupid, a slow reader or a combination of both) :)

  1. Figure out who you’re playing in your league this week.
  2. Determine his or her three best players.
  3. Contact these players through social media.
  4. Offer them $5 each to throw the game (or at least to play badly).
  5. Wait for their response.
  6. If they don’t respond try again.
  7. If they don’t respond try again, again.
  8. If they don’t respond try another avenue, perhaps through email or another social media outlet.
  9. Wait…

Say you lived like, 1100 years ago (roughly). And say you were given the task of recording history, or at least historical text.

But along with recording the history, the fables and the stories you were also responsible for illustrating the book in a sort of Medieval text-heavy, graphic novel.

Your creation is what they would come to call Illuminated Manuscripts.

Here’s an example of one:

Ye Cannot Make Me c. 1297

What’s particularly interesting about Illuminated Manuscripts is who’s responsible for actually creating them. …

© Peanuts

1950’s Charles M. Schulz walks into an office…

(Cartoon Syndicate) Executive: So I hear you have a comic strip to pitch me.

Schulz: I do. (reaches into his portfolio)

Executive: What the hell is that?

Schulz: What?

Executive: That piece of luggage you brought there.

Schulz: It’s not luggage. It’s my portfolio. I have all of my cartoons in here.

Executive: You do them on paper?

Schulz: Of course.

Executive: Ever heard of a thumb drive?

Schulz: A what?

Executive: Never mind. So what’s the strip about?

Schulz: It’s about a group of kids.

Executive: Yeah?

Schulz: And their adventures.

The Spotted Aymeekooper (staybakdarkmann) is a tall, thin bird with a penchant for large urban parks. While it was once believed to be a very secretive and elusive creature, bird enthusiasts have claimed more and more Aymeekooper sightings recently in the lower 48 states.

It is highly unlikely that these are actual Aymeekoopers however since this particular bird does not have that sort of migration range.

It’s more likely that the birds in question are Blonde-Headed Carins (eyeneedtospeektooahmanajer) who are becoming much more commonplace around the United States and even in parts of Canada.

While subjectively beautiful, the sheer number…

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