10 men Shrewsbury manage to grab a winner in Stoppage time.

Everything was set at the Richoa Area. Shrewsbury attack down the left hand side with Whalley who shoots left footed over the bar. Both sides of the stadium are evaporating as Coventry pour forward. Coventry have the ball with McNulty who volleys his shot miles over the bar. Goal!!!!!!!! John Lewis bring the ball forwards with blisters of pace and sends a cross into Payne who shoots right footed high into the net. Coventry 0 Shrewsbury 1. Coventry smash the ball forwards with McNulty but Magvillray Claims. Goal!!!!!! Whalley sends a long range cross and it rickershades of the bar to the path of Gnnanhoua who shoots left footed into the bottom left corner of the net. Coventry 0 Shrewsbury 2. Shrewsbury fans are starting to amp up the atmosphere and praise their team as they pour forwards. HT Coventry 0 Shrewsbury 2. Coventry have a high attacking tempo to this game but Shrewsbury are pushing and pulling Coventry here,their and everywhere.

The second half gets underway. Coventry start quickly as McNulty has a long range effort that fizzes wide. Andreu smashes the ball long down field into the path of McNulty who shoots left footed just wide. Goal!!!!!!!!!!! McNulty puts in a long range cross into Andreu who shoots left footed past Magvillray. Coventry 1 – Shrewsbury 2. Andreu shoots left footed from long range high and wide past upright. Andreu springs forward and is brought down by Bolton. A penalty is awarded. Goal!!!!!!!! McNulty steps up and fires left footed high into the net. Coventry 2 Shrewsbury 2. 10 men Shrewsbury drive the ball forwards with John Lewis who volleys the ball into the Coventry fans in the crowd. The referee has added on an extra five minutes. Whalley brings the ball forward but is knocked off his feet by McNulty. Goal!!!!!!! Riley free kick goes over the wall and it’s a screamer of a goal from 30 yards into the top left corner of the net. Coventry 2 Shrewsbury 3. Shrewsbury fans rise of the feet rapidly and start dancing away. FT Coventry 2 Shrewsbury 3. Coventry superb in the second half as they drove at Shrewsbury but they were lacking a shot on goal in the first half. Shrewsbury played their first half inside Coventry half of the field and dominated. Shrewsbury lost all concentration in the Second half and Coventry controlled them. Shrewsbury were lucky that Riley came on and won the game.

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