School was hard and Challenging. It made me laugh and cry. I’m Looking forward to the next chapter.

School was okay throughout Year 7, I’ll admit it. I behaved like a little brat. I was told off time and time again because I was immature and really nasty to everyone. Year 7 I worked really hard with my school work but my attendance let me down beacuse I was always attending the opthordontist with my teeth that needed braces beacuse I couldn’t chew properly.

Year 8,I still behaved like a brat. I hated lessons beacuse I got bullied quite a bit. The only positive I could take was that I tried my hardest to work to the best of my ability. It was an hard year for me beacuse I was naughty and I didn’t really understand what I had done wrong each time.

Year 9,I turned a corner. I was working hard and making friends. I learned to be well behaved and nice to people. This was my turning point at school beacuse I matured and learned to start respecting people. I had lots of awards and teachers started to like me in their lessons. People thought that I wouldn’t last at that the school after Year 7 and Year 8 but I proved them wrong by doing my bestows being nice to people.

Year 10 was really hard to begin with beacuse I was in the first year to start a new GCSE System. I learned how to deal with stress as my GCSES were kicking in. I did my work experience at Invasion the computer place in Leomister,they learned me how to fix a computer,repair a computer,pack away cables and fold up cables. I throughly enjoyed my learning exprience in Year 10. I wrote a report to school in Year 10 beacuse I was unhappy with the new dinner biometric system beacuse students have to wait in a que as their food goes cold. I didn’t do anything bad but it was a really hard year for me to settle into.

Year 11,the last year at school for me was quite hard. I started my GCSE test papers. I was nervous but I tried my best. From September to December in Year 11 it was easy to be fair but from December to June.Oh my word!!!!!!!,it was really hard as i struggled through revising. The teachers introduced session 6 sessions which I didn’t go to many. I went to all English session 6s and two Geography ones. After all the exams had finished I was really tired. I had my exams results through the other week and I was delighted. I got a B in English Literature. A C in English Language, a C In Computing and a C in Drama. I got an E in Maths and an E in Spainish. I got an F in Additonal science and an F in Core Science and An F in Geography. I’m looking forward to the next Chapter that starts next Monday for me. County training,I’m doing and it’s all work experienced based and I’m retaking my Maths in functional skills. I hope everyone else enjoys College and if they are doing County Training.

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