Are refree making the wrong decisions quite often in football? Can a refree see the play all the time?

I don’t think a refree can always see the play. Refree give abosuletly no penalty or Free kick of their been a nasty foul sometimes but other times they do. Do refree need to improve?. For me,yes they do. They either give wrong desicions or don’t give any.

Some refree don’t listen to any of the crowd sometimes. I know,it would be hard to be a refree but when they make lots of errors. It’s annoyes football fans. Refree can’t be prefect. No one can. At the end of the day,we are all humans.

If some refree look at refrees that refrees games at euro 2016. Virtually all refree in that tournemount were good at their job. They were giving right instructions and instructed pay well. Why can’t some refree just give the right descions?. I’m a passionate football fan and I write reports like these. Sometimes I wander if the refree is qualified to do his job.

Prime example, I’m a Shrewsbury fan. They played Gillingham the other day. El Abd of Shrewsbury fouled the Gillingham player in the 8 yard box and what did the refree give. Absolutely nothing that proves my point. Refree get descions right. Your getting wages for this jobs so please make the descions right.

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