my day on monday 1 st june 2015

I woke up at 7:15 am. I walked downstairs had a wash,brushed my teeth and got dressed.

I had breakfast at 7:40 am got out the door by 8pm

I walked to the bus stop and waited for the bus to come. The bus came at 8:15 am and I arrived a school for 8:45 am.

At school i walked to my tutor who did our tutors register.

At 9:25 am which we call period 1 at our school ,i had technology. I had help from a teaching assistant to get me on the pathway of designing a clock.

At 10:25 am I had maths. In maths we did a lesson on how to order opreations for example 2-{4 times 3}=10.

At 11:25 am I had breaktime where i go to this place called the pupil support centre. I went on the computer in there and looked up all about the football on the bbc sports page.

11:45 am I had maths again and this time i went on the computer and did a website called my maths. I did ordering operations and got 20% out of 100%. I did rounding decimals and got 65% out off 100%. I did working out value experssions and got 50% out of 100%.

12:45 pm I had lunch in the dinner hall and i had roast pork, roast potatoes and peas and after lunch I went and played on the computer in the pupil support centre until the end of lunch.

1:30 pm I had english period 4 and I learn’t about autobiography feautres.

2:30 pm period 5 last lesson ,I had science we learn’t about chromatography. Chromatography is a technique used to seprate soluble mixutres. The sample is moved through the stationary phase by the mobilie phase. Different substances will travel along the stationary phase at different times,depending on how soluble different substances are and how well thye attract to stationary phase. This causes the mixture to be seprated.

3:35 pm Hometime I waled out of school to the bus. I arrived at home at 4:15pm.

4:15pm My gran and grandad rang me, we wern’t on the phone to long.

4:30pm I went and got my dog ginge and walked him.

4:50pm I got back from the walk and did my science homework.

5:25pm My mum arrived home and i spoke to her about my science homework.

5:30pm My step dad arrived home and i spoke to him about his day.

6 pm I had tea which was Chicken Tika and Egg fried rice cooked by my stepdad. It was absoultley lovely. Stepdad always makes great meals for our family to eat.

The end that’s been my day today.