My Dog Ginge Cramp is just amazing. I’m glad,we rescued him.

Ginge has the most fantastic face and he also loves to see our faces when we came to meet him form school and work. Ginge lets you play with his belly beacuse he likes you to stroke his belly. Ginge is amazing beacuse he has a wagging tail all the time. He never bites anybody beacuse he’s ever so much to loving to do a horrible thing like that.

We don’t know how old Ginge is beacuse we got him from a rescue home. We had to take him to the vet a few times beacuse something off his teeth had to be removed beacuse they were very bad. We thing Ginge is about ten years of age but we love him dearly. If anything happend to him, My family would cry their eyes out. I would be down in the dumbs forever but nothing will happen to him beacuse we treat him nicely. My family or Me would never hurt animals.