Shrewsbury felt they were robbed but Mk dons come out on top.

Here we go!!!!!!. Shrewsbury attack with Dodds who shots right footed over the bar. Maynard shots for Mk dons across the face of goal. Here comes Maynard who shots right footed over the bar. Whalley weaves his way through for Shrewsbury and then he unleashes a shot which ricoshades just wide. HT Shrewsbury 0 Mk dons 0. Shrewsbury testing Mk dons with every attack and Mk dons look strong in wide areas.

Second half is underway!!!!. Mk dons come forward with Maynard who shots right footed just wide. Here come Shrewsbury with Dodds who shimes and takes a shot with his left foot that just floats over the bar. Here come Shrewsbury again but this time with Whalley who crosses the ball over to Letich Smith who fires left footed over the bar. Goal Dissallowed. Shrewsbury attack with Dodds lays the ball off to Oggogo who shots right footed into the left hand corner of the net but the refree disallows it. Micky Mellon gets angry with the officials and the refree tells him to calm down or he will go to the stands. Goal!!!! Oggogo gives the ball away to Powell who shots left footed into the top right hand corner of the net. Here come Shrewsbury with junior brown who shots crosses the ball into El Abd who comes from defence and blasts the ball left footed over the bar. Here comes Maynard who shots and his shots saved by Leutwiller down to his right hand post. FT Shrewsbury 0 Mk Dons 1. Shrewsbury just weren’t quick enough on the ball but matched Mk dons right the way through the game. Shrewsbury fans and the players felt robbed by the refree desions. MK dons looked very refresh and ready to attack a lot.

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