2017 Scene-Writing Challenge: Day 19
Scott Myers


CLOSE on an alarm clock going off on a night stand, the time is at 6:45AM.

PULL BACK showing a man in his late 30s, CAMERON, laying in bed next to the night stand. He’s ignoring the alarm and staring miserably straight ahead just past the clock.


Cameron is standing in front of the bathroom sink, wearing a white V-neck T-shirt, boxers, and dress socks. A Bosley Hair Restoration advertisement is heard playing on the shower radio. He stares at himself, and begins moving his head side to side looking at his receding hairline. He lets out a sigh of dissatisfaction and begins to brush his teeth.


CLOSE on front porch, Cameron opens the door and begins to walk out, causing the mass amount of restaurant, home security, and lawn maintenance advertisements that collected on his door over the weekend, to fall to the floor. He looks at them, rolls his eyes, and locks his door. He turns and walks towards the driveway. CLOSE on the flyers as Cameron steps on them.

PAN OUT to Cameron standing in front of his car at the beginning of the driveway. It’s a beat up 1998 Toyota Camry. He stares at it with disgust.
His neighbor exits his house and is kissing his wife good-bye, Cameron notices him and darts for the car.


In close from the driver’s side of the car, we see Cameron fumbling to get his keys into the ignition. He gets the key in, cranks it, and the car struggles to turn over. We see his neighbor approaching in the background through the window. Cameron sees this and moves frantically to try again.

CAMERON: Come on. Come on!

CLOSE on the ignition. He cranks it again, and again it fails to turn over. We hear knocking.

Back to Cameron sitting in the driver’s seat. We see the neighbor, FRANK, wearing a red Advanced Auto Parts polo shirt. He’s smiling crouched down at the window, looking inside at Cameron.

Teeth clenched, Cameron, forces a smile and leans over to roll down the window. The window isn’t even cracked half an inch before Frank starts.

FRANK: Mornin’, sounds like someone’s having some battery trouble.

CAMERON: Yeah, I guess so. It usually starts after a few tries.

FRANK: Ya know, I keep telling you I can get you a pretty good discount. I own half a dozen of these bad bo…

Frank pointing at the logo on his polo. Cameron turns the key, and the engine turns over.

CAMERON: Look at that, third times the charm! Running late, really gotta go. You have a good one, Frank!

Cameron smiling and waving at Frank, throws the car in reverse, and starts backing out of the driveway. He continues to smile and wave until he’s out Frank’s view, and then his face returns to his miserable blank stare as he continues to drive.


We see Cameron facing away from the frame standing at a counter in front of the office coffee machine, he’s pouring coffee into his mug. He walks over to the refrigerator, opens it and grabs a bottle of Coffeemate from the door. He glances up and squints slightly as he reads.

CLOSE on a Girl Scout cookies order form on the freezer.

Back to Cameron standing in front of the refrigerator, he rolls his eyes while slamming the refrigerator door.


We see Cameron wearing a headset, sitting at his desk in front of the computer screen with his face in his hands.

CAMERON: Sir, I apologize that we…

There’s a disconnect tone. Cameron sighs deeply, looks up at his computer screen dejectedly and begins typing.

BILL: (O.S.) Hey Cam, how you doin’ today?

CAMERON: Morning Bill. I told you, please, it’s Cameron.

Cameron doesn’t even turn around to look at Bill.

BILL: (O.S.) You see today’s Take Your Kid to Work Day?

CAMERON: No, I guess I forgot.

He continues to type at his computer.

BILL: (O.S.) Some of the kids have fund-raisers going on for school and brought in their catalogs.

CAMERON: And their order forms?

He attempts to sound enthusiastic, still not turning around.

BILL: (O.S.) Here you wanna take a look?

CAMERON: Honestly, I think I’m going to have to…

Cameron spins around in his office chair. Standing at the entrance of the cubicle is Bill, and at his feet is a smiling 7 year old girl, DENISE, with pigtail braids and a missing front tooth.

DENISE: I’m selling magazines!

Denise holding up the catalog and order form.

CAMERON: … take. A. Subscription! To National Geographic!

Holding an awkward smile, he pulls out his wallet and takes the order form from Denise.

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